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The Kawasaki Family

Discussion in 'Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Data Queue, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Just got my new for me ZX-14 and thought that I'd take the family bikes out and shoot some photos.

    Here are the first run processed photos.







    #7 - Mr Crate was watching the photo session.
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  2. Two is a brace,not a family.
  3. Touche and Meh.
  4. What happened to the Viffer?

    cough....cough.....too boring?
  5. I was more than happy with it. Just found a ZX at the right price., and I wanted one eventually.

    I saw the ZX and fell in love. Whoever gets that VFR from the dealer is going to get themselves a cherry of a bike.
  6. Fair enough - great machine (y)
  7. Working my way through the shoot.

  8. Love that bike!
  9. Great shot DQ.......love the bikes.....the Graff is pretty neat too
  10. A grafitti paint job,that would look good.
  11. Urban camouflage?

    I had a actual fear Id wake up and my brother would be putting tattoo`s on the beemer.
    oh yah , exelent pics , looks like a fun machine


    My lighter ,tattoo`d for practice, I wish i still had shark kettle. i called him kettle sharkey
  12. edited the original post with the brightened photos that I used to print.

    As a wise man and old friend of mine once said:
    <redacted>'s First Rule of photography: it isn't a photograph if it hasn't been printed
  13. great looking bikes and the back drop is awesome