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The jurno was very nice after all!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. What an interesting article…
    Almost nothing emotive in it, in fact you could almost consider it to be journalism
  2. A very short piece though, and only the Preston Leader. I personally don't think motorcyclists should use bicycle lanes. But then, I don't think half the bicycle lanes being created should be either. They are just stealing road space from other users, often in areas where it is not required. Yes, I have cycled around Melbourne quite a lot, on some very busy roads, although not much recently.

    Nice plug for you though. :D I hope it helps.
  3. Shame she didnt name the shop. Never mind.
  4. Balanced, reasonable. Apart from one frothing loony in the comments, but he was so incoherent that his point was lost. ;)

    (Couldn't you have shaved for the camera? :p )
  5. Nice article. But I disagree that motorbikes should be allowed in the bike lanes. I ride and cycle, so I am speaking from both sides.

  6. Not really keen on riding in bicycle lanes.. other than for splitting to the front if there aren't other options ie. between the cars.

    Scooter/bike LANES are something I'd like to see in certain high traffic areas, where stopped traffic is common place. Now THAT will see alot of people turn to bikes/scooters instead of cars. Bicycle/scooter/bike 'boxes' at traffic lights is the other side to that, to give us somewhere to be after we've split to the front.
  7. Not to mention the scooters will slow down the cyclists ;-)
  8. RoderickGI's comment in the article linked makes sense to me.
    i would'nt ride in bicycle lanes to get past slow moving traffic...too dangerous for my liking...the problem is oncomming traffic on the other side of the road that wants to turn right...the line of cars that you are passing to your right will sometimes leave a gap for someone on the other side of the road, who wants to turn right, to cross through...now, the car that wants to cross through wont see you or even expect a motorbike comming...plus the car that left the gap open wont look for a motorbike comming over his left shoulder and he'll wave the other car through...and wack, you just t-boned a car.
    ...i'm quite happy to leave that part of the road for the cyclists...if i filter through slow moving traffic (hypothetically) i like to be visible to oncomming traffic that wants to turn right in front of me...i already have a lane for filtering anyway (hypothetically)...it's painted white and it's very narrow.