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The joys of a circuit-ridin' preacher

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. For many years now we have been supporting a little church in the NSW country city of Goulburn. This has involved travelling there on the second Sunday of the month and taking the morning service. Usually we travel in the car.

    Some years ago we arranged to take all the Sunday services in August, and this year I decided that I'd combine this with a Sunday ride, if possible.

    Now you COULD ride straight to Goulburn, which would mean that after the Macquarie Pass you'd be wearing out tyres and being bored, so you might as well have taken the car.

    Or you could go up the Pass, across to Kangaroo Valley, up and down Cambewarra into Nowra and then down the Princes Highway to Bateman's Bay (almost exactly 200kms and just on a fuel stop), for breakfast :)

    2011-09-11 10.06.59.

    Then you could do your best (road-works permitting) to enjoy a scamper up the Clyde to Braidwood, and a few kays out of there, turn right and head to Tarago and Goulburn, past Wakefield Park raceway. Admittedly you'd need to be doing 200+ to make that road interesting, but at least you can stop at the famous Paragon Cafe when you arrive...

    2011-09-11 12.39.06.

    I wasn't looking forward to the ride home in the dark (the church service was at 4:00pm) since it was really cold riding across the high plains into Goulburn, but, surprise, surprise, leaving Goulburn at around 6:30 the temperature was actually warmer than it had been in the middle of the day.

    Hume Highway on the way home? Easy as on a bike, and much more interesting than droning along in the daylight watching the interminable kilometres drag by. Macquarie Pass was dry and traffic-free, and to top off the day, literally three minutes after I arrived safely home, the heavens opened and it poured for a couple of hours.

    478 kilometres of two-wheeled enjoyment, and some good fellowship with like-mided people thrown in.

    What's not to like, I bet I had more fun that the old preachers on their horses :LOL:??
  2. Considering the purpose of your trip, the timing of the downpour was probably more than just good luck :wink:
  3. Going in to work isnt as bad when you get to ride there :cool:

    I remember eating at the Paragon, didnt know it was famous.
  4. He meant to do it earlier but He was too busy giving babies malaria at the time.
  5. :LOL: He hasn't always been that kind

    I remember a ride back from the King of The Weir in the early 80s........
  6. Geez..
    Somehow reminds me of my trip to Sydney in July last year...
    Didn't get past 5 degrees (this was in the arvo) between Gundagai and somewhere around Mittagong.
    Also pissed down raining for about 100k from Gundagai..

    Temp then rose by some 8-10 degrees as I got to outer Sydney

    Returned via coast which was a lot warmer...
  7. I remember you arriving at the Learner's ride at Homebush, you looked like you'd been in the fridge :LOL:
  8. I stumbled upon the Paragon some years ago. Glad to see it's still going strong.
    (You too, Paul ;) )
  9. Five of us, wet and cold, crawled into the Paragon on the way home from Jindabyne. The place was PACKED, but the kind lady found us a table. Then the local Greek Orthodox Bishop and a party of about 6 folks came in. Needless to say, they found him a table very quickly :LOL: