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The joy of felt

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. so yeah!:blah:
    i just like totally eliminated wind noise/whistle from a poor fitting visor on a POS helmet i own.
    i bought an A4 sized sheet of black felt from Spotlight, adhesive backing for...wait for it..

    99 cents :woot::butt::tantrum:

    i cut a 5mm slither of felt from said A4 sheet and adhered it to my helmet at the top of the visor seal... and wellah!... no more annoyance whistling.!!



    and holy crap have you seen how many hot chicks frequent Spotlight on a Saturday morning... man, we're talking hundreds, maybe thousands of desperate young hotties who are into arts and crafts because they don't have boyfriends. ;):wink::bannanabutt::biker::p\\:D/:
  2. ok ok did you get felt? or did you get felt up??
  3. He felt awesome until he tried one of his pick up lines on a young hottie.

    Sorry could'nt resist, great idea on the felt.
  4. Of the hotties or the lid?
  5. I wanna see pics as well
  6. So what you're saying is that you perved on young women, and then you felt yourself?
  7. pics of all of the above, me thinks!
  8. well in a literal sense yes, guilty as charged.
    but i have no shame!
    and i would'nt be here if i got arrested!

    but alas, i bear some bad news.
    i just tested the felt helmet mod (patented) at a somewhat hypothetical speed on a nice straight road.
    picture a kitten attached to a heart monitor.
    now, picture the insides of said kitten painting the walls of the surgery red.

    result: still a tiny high pitched whistle comming from somewhere??
    however, i am confident that the application of more felt can address this minor setback.

    therefore: i am still relatively AWESOME for what was quite simply a brilliant idea.
    though i will recant my Maguyver statement.

    this test was of course entirely hypothetical, all hypothetical dates and names have been changed and characters bear no resemblence to anyone ever... and hypothetically no-one died and aboriginals and torres straight islanders can safely read this post.
  9. pics of what you did to the helmet please second request
  10. my new shark helmet = QUIET, PERFECT FIT, NO WIND :D
  11. well, not going beyond 1st gear would probably be quiet going for any type of helmet, eh? for the rest of us, well...:bolt:
  12. i don't go past first gear? all those wheelies, huh! :p

    and my bike is actually very loud :-s
  13. " Oh but I have a Shark helmet "
    oh laadeee daa, oh how the other half live hey, with their nice fancy pretty helmets

    well, I have a cheapo crapo el POSo helmet that leaks like a siv, whilstles like a banshee, and weighs in at a hefty 5 kilos maybe.

    OK, as requested and by popular demand i have attempted to a take pic with my matching POS phone.
    i doubt you will be able to make anything out of it but here goes anyway!

    it's just an adhevise backed strip stuck on the helment right up to the plasticy/rubbery seal built into the helmet at the top of the visor.
    my experiment has yet to yield 100% perfect results, but the gaps in this helmet/visor seal were massive to begin with... at least i have improved it substantially.

    AND wihout further adew i present to you my gooblywoobler mach 1 prototype patented performance enhancing visor seal modificiation device

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  14. what happens when it rains and gets wet ?

    good thinking though agent 99
  15. Rjays, you couldn't pay me to wear another Rjays helmet, the quality is ridiculous, they are noisy and leek air even with all vents closed
  16. probably fair to assume it will be completely ****ed, but it's just a weekender fair weather helmet
  17. silicon sealant might work if the felt suffers in the wet. if its only on the plastic seal it shouldn't affect the helmet and shouldn't be worse than the glue on the felt.
  18. felt will catch the water and transfer it down into the helmet
  19. ne'ver a truer word spoken, they are woefull helmets, quite possibly the worst made helmets in the history of the known universe.

    but, it does have some benefits>
    periphial vision is awesome.
    it fits me perfectly.
    the chin bar being further out from my gigantic nose means it never fogs.
    and theres heaps of room in there to fit comm stuff.
    the back of the helmet is high, so never rubs on my hump.

    it is supposed to be/look like a streetfighter helmet.
    not much of that type/style avail here.
    what it actually is, is a dual sport helmet i used to use with the peak removed

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