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The journey of restoring a 1988 Honda CBR250R.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by shady_knife, May 25, 2009.

  1. Just going to document the very slow process (due to funds) of restoring my bike.

    bought it second hand for $3990 with 39,000 K's on the clock.

    Seems in fair condition considering its age (purely a visual on exterior of the bike)

    Bought it on 20/05/09.

    It's in the shop at the moment getting an electrical problem fixed. hopefully not the signs of a lemon of a bike.

    Will update as a i get stuff fixed up.


    Bike: $3990
    Repaired CDI: $240
    New Regulator: $220
    Tow Truck from Anglesea to Geelong: $176
    New Fuel Pump: 197.60

    Total Cost so far: $5163.60 (Including Labour and extra shit i can't be arsed typing up)
  2. Whats there to restore? The bike looks in pretty good condition. The fairings look very nice.

    I guess you could give it a strip down, remove any rust from the subframe and respray it. Give everything a scrub. Replace any brake/coolant bottles that have gone milky.

    You might have trouble finding some of the original exterior parts, e.g. the foam surrounding the instruments. Not all the MC19 parts are available anymore.
  3. that bike does look in good condition, unless you bought it from someone/shop that has a dodgy reputation.

    What's the electrical gremlin that you have in the bike?
  4. well got the bike back from the shop which has hopefully fixed the electrical problem i had, they did:

    Service, Repair fualty ignition module (CDI), New Regulator, Oil Filter, Engine Oil

    including labour added up to $800.

    so hopefully no more problems for a while so i can save some cash to actually restore the bike, and not fix it.
  5. well i got the bike back yesterday. took it for ride last night around, just to get to know my baby.

    then today i took her down the GOR to Lorne.

    on the way back was near anglesea and the bike started losing power and eventually conked out at the top of a hill. wouldn't start again.

    not a flat battery, kind of same thing that happened 2 weeks ago, so i'm guessing the mechanic didn't address the issue properly.

    sigh. great fun. so guess i'll be taking it back there to get it fixed properly. hopefully.
  6. That's crap... surely someone here has a suggestion as to what it is?

    Fuel pump issue? Kink in the fuel line? Spark problems? hmmmm
  7. well needed a new fuel pump. ahrimaaN wins

    Fuel Pump was $173.85 + $23.75 labour.
  8. Don't mean to be rude, but are you on your ristricted license? If so why would you spend all this money doing a bike up that your possibly going to sell within the next 18months
  9. a valid point.

    yeah i am on my restricted license, but this is a bike i plan to keep. i plan on having a few bikes to say the least :p
  10. well the bikes not working... AGAIN. seems i've bought a lemon of a bike!

    have to wait until tuesday to ring the mechanic i suppose. sigh.
  11. Not working? What do you mean.

    If it doesn't start (not enough juice, dead starter etc), give it a push start by rolling it at >10km/h and dropping the clutch while in 2nd. If there's simply no charge, try hooking up a charger and give it a few hours. Or a car battery.

    If it still doesn't start, plugs are probably stuffed. Or there's no fuel.

  12. Bike looks good to me!

    Also, if you're paying someone else to do it, you're not restoring the bike, someone else is.

    And you might want to consider RACV total care. Could have got yerself towed far cheaper than that.
  13. It's pretty awesome mate. Cheap, and they'll tow you home from just about anywhere.
  14. finally got more pics, during the day, and of all the scratches/damage ect. still looks good from a metre away or more, but when you start cleaning it by hand, you notice everything.

    general image.

    exhaust rust and damage and paint coming off wheel rim.

    scratches on engine and right hand side fairings

    scratches on rhs fairings, blinker pushed in a bit as well.

    damage done to fork (i think by the mechanic during its first visit, but when i picked it up i didn't notice it. too late now i guess.

    weird inside of both side fairings.

    nice clean inside.....
  15. Mate, she looks great.

    You could get a bit of fake carbon fibre or something to wrap around the header, that shouldn't be a hassle.

    If the cover annoys you, see if you can pull it off and grind the rest of "Honda" off, and see about getting it powdercoated.

    Etc etc.

    But mate, she looks fine. She's a motorbike, it's supposed to have scrapes and shit hanging off it. Character!
  16. on another forum, they reckon i get a new mechanic, what you guys think?
  17. replied to your other topiuc. I'm really worried that someone tried to fit a fuel pump to your bike....unless it was a fuel filter? Is there any rust in the tank?
  18. isn't that meant to be the rider :p
  19. any idea whats up with the inside of the fairings?