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The journey continues

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by plaidler, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Round 2.5 years ago i got my L's and bought this 20130706_141852.

    31000km's later the time finally came and after lots of testing, reviews, research but most importantly getting a phone call to ride my friends' bike home because he was too drunk to ride ive upgraded to this...
    Suzuki Boulevarde M109R
    Rode it home today, after 200km's on the first day i love everything about this bike and looking forward to 1000's of more km's in the coming years

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  2. Awesome looking ride
  3. Congrats plaidlerplaidler! What a beauty! I loved the pic of your VStar at the Lake Bellfield in the Grampians. Hope you visit here again riding your new baby. Enjoy (y)
  4. Love the pipes.
    Trust they sound as good as they look...
  5. Well i came from an xvs650 with stock pipes so kermmit singing Back in Black would be an improvement on what i had.
    To my ears the pipes are about where i want them soundwise, they have a little growl to them but hopefully not loud enough to wake the neighbours at 6am on the way to work.

    yeah its a damn shame im gonna have to do that trip again on the new bike now....
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