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The journey begins

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Dave72, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Just a thread for me to document my experiences as a new (again) rider getting back into riding after 23 years away from riding.
    My previous experience with riding was a bit of paddock bashing on a few smaller bikes, followed by a Kawasaki KH 100 EL, which I rode (as a 18-19 yo) anywhere from around town, to Kyogle, Lismore, Ballina and even around Laidley and Ipswich! It was an experience for sure and the little bike did well to last as long as it did riding it as hard as I did.
    Now I have my RE O licence, which I sat for about 5 years ago but have not had the spare coin to get a bike. So the plan now is:
    • Buy a full set of gear. - I have put a helmet, jacket, pant, boots and gloves on layby
    • Upgrade licence from RE O to R O so I can bypass buying a "smaller" bike that I will likely want to upsize in a relatively short time. - Q Ride booked in for 16th September.
    • Implement savings plan to purchase bike outright. - For this I am booking in for extra agency shifts to put the money aside each week.
    • Enjoy the hell out of my new bike!
    Time to make this a priority as I have waited long enough. Can't wait to go for that first ride!

  2. Sounds like a plan.
  3. You have a golden opportunity to get it all figured out to put together the best package of bike, gear, and rider skills. Good luck with it all!
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  4. Welcome to NR and back (down the track) to a life of two wheels thrills (and hopefully no spills) !
  5. Thanks Bumblebeeman1190 and GoldNine for the welcome. Keen as to get everything in place.
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  6. I spent yesterday watching a lot of the near miss videos on the thread on here. It has been good to remind me of some of the principles of defensive riding, road position etc. It also reminds me of how oblivious/ignorant some drivers can be! Bottom line, ride as if every driver is out to get you.
  7. Exactly . That was what my Dad said to me when I started over 30yrs ago.
    Bottom line , don't put the responsibility of your life in someone elses hands .
  8. Welcome, you will enjoy the new bike once you have it I'm sure. It's a long wait when you are very near to getting a bike again.
  9. Agreed GoldNine.
    Thanks Tweet and yeah, feels like forever!
  10. welcome, great plan :]
  11. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR...

    Hope all goes to plan for you.
  12. Things are progressing slowly, but progress is progress right? I am picking up my gear in a week so that is exciting! Plus Qride course to upgrade to R licence is just over a month away. Chipping away:oldman:
  13. You have the patience of a saint!
    I don't do waiting. For anything. I was kind-of-sort-of-maybe-thinking-buying-a-bike-might-be-cool, and I bought one within an hour of walking into my first bike shop on the spur of the moment one day.
    Yesterday I was thinking about changing some of my body jewellery in one of my piercings, and I came home from work 2 hours late and with 5 new holes in my head.
    I hope, for MY sake, the next month flies by, as I'm getting increasingly impatient on your behalf :)
  14. Oops meant to say thanks to @Lazy Libran@Lazy Libran and @Jeffco@Jeffco for the welcomes!
    Haha if you only knew Ness, I am only patient because I have to be! I would be in the shops tomorrow if I could but have to be restrained at the moment grrr :mad::mad:
    I am putting down for more and more overtime just to try and get the coin together though, just so frustrating :banghead::banghead:.
    Still, I was looking at some ideas for paint jobs for my bike down the track and there are some wicked options out there. I am leaning toward some dragon murals with a dark candy apple red over spray. droolll.....
  15. Been a while since I updated, I finally paid off my safety gear so just waiting for the delivery. Step 1 of my plan almost complete. Step 2 is in just over a week so hoping my gear arrives before then. Step 2 being my Q ride to upgrade to an open license, so providing I pass that I will be even closer to riding again :D
    The savings part of my plan has been very sloooowww to kick off, but started none the less. I hope to be able to give the savings a boost in the next few months, can't wait to go shopping!!!
  16. Good to hear you are getting to the pointy end of riding again.
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  17. I finally have all my safety gear. Unfortunately my Q ride course had to be postponed as the riding school was undergoing an audit which took a day longer than hoped. All good, it's only another two weeks. On the up side I went and checked out some Harley's today, they have some sweet looking rides. I would have to save more money of course but at least once I have my R license I can start test riding whatever I like the look of. One step closer...
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  18. Ok so Qride was today...... and I passed! Having said that I did not pass easily, in fact I struggled in some areas, even more so than my first Qride to get my RE license. Why? I have a number of theories, not least of all being that I had not ridden in a long time, but then it had been even longer when I did my first Qride (much longer, like 16-17 years longer). I believe the main factors I found this time so much harder include:
    1. The only bikes I had really ridden prior to doing Qride were road bikes with an upright, neutral "cruiser style" seating position.
    2. The bike I rode in my first Q ride had this same position and I quickly felt at home on it.
    3. The bike I rode today was a Kawasaki E6 something? it was a naked with my feet behind me and a moderately forward leaning position with knees hugging the tank (which I hate)
    These are the factors I have been able to identify so far, there were probably others I have not thought of. Before we started, the riding instructor asked which bike I was thinking of getting when I got my R license. When I said a cruiser his response was "well not to try to put you off but cruisers are harder to corner etc etc.."
    Ok I thought and got on this naked bike with an open mind. It felt awkward and unfriendly from the outset and did not improve much.
    We got to the track and started our outmaneuvers. The counter steering was harder than I remember, the slalom never felt right, I "did what was required" but it felt bad.
    Next was the emergency swerve. It was ok but I never really felt what it was I was supposed to feel when doing it. Apparently I had improved enough in the end to pass.
    The emergency braking was the only thing I did with any real confidence, following this was the figure 8. I practiced and it was the most horrible feeling ever, I was almost ready to get off the bike and walk home by this stage, it was almost like I had never ridden a bike before! so fcuken frustrating :banghead:(n):yuck:
    In the end the instructor said "some people on that bike manage it in idle with minimal back brake use". I gave it a go and I swear to god, relaxing (to control the steering) never took so much effort! I was fair dinkum sweating! but again I "did what was required"
    What did I take home from this?

    1. I need LOTS more time in the saddle!!
    2. I will choose a bike that I feel comfortable on. Maybe a cruiser is harder to corner but I have found a bike with this kind of seating positiion much easier and more comfortable to control. I think this is important.
    3. I will be doing LOTS and LOTS of practice on my new bike before I venture out onto any busy roads.
    Having said all of this, I PASSED!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
    So as far as my plan is concerned,
    Step 1. Buy all the gear. CHECK
    Step 2. Upgrade licence from RE to R. CHECK.
    Step 3. Save for a new (or used) bike. IN PROGRESS.

    I am ready to start putting some half decent money into my savings from next month, so if I can get enough extra shifts/overtime, 3 - 4 months would not be unrealistic. COME ON!!!!!!!!:woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:
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  19. Ten points for perservering Dave. It is worth it.
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