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The japs will take a photo of anything

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. :shock: What brings this on you ask? Well, it happened like this. Due to wear & tear the rear tyre on my bike needed replacing. Not that I am complaining mind you. In fact I am pretty pleased with the lifespan I have gotten out of it. Considering the manner in which the bike has been ridden. 6500kms happy to be exact. Complete with mono's off every 2nd set of traffic lights, static burnouts, rolling burnouts & plenty of shall we say spirited cornering. And I have been known to inadvertently stray over the posted speed limit. Now & then. As you do. Not intentionally of course.
    Now where was I? Oh yes, getting a new tyre fitted. If anyone wants to know a tyre that will handle everything then you can't go past the Michelin Pilot power. These tyres are great. In my opinion. Never had a slip or slide out of them in the wet, dry, hot, cold whatever (unless you try really really hard with that intention in mind :LOL: ). Really good profile -nice light tip in, hold a line but still able to change your line if you so desire. Did I mention I like them?
    So the tyre is fitted on the rim while I wait. Wander out to the footpath where the bike is sitting waiting for its wheel & less than 5 minutes later I'm ready to rock. And roll. Aren't single sided swingarms the best thing ever invented? And centre stands. Every bike should have one. I reckon anyway.
    So with the dealers warnings about slippery tyres when new still ringing in my ears we leave a nice big blackie on the floor & we're off.
    So where to? I reckon a run down to Apollo bay & back should scrub the tyre in just nicely. And by crikey it does.
    How much more fun can you have than a bike with a new tyre & the Ocean road on a week day?
    Whats this got to do with japanese & taking photos? Glad you asked. Being such a warm day there are plenty of bugs about. Ones that tend to leave splats all over your bike & visor. All sorts of different coloured splats. Red ones, yellow ones, green ones, brown ones & clear runny ones that leave a trail up your visor & 1/2 way across your helmet.
    When you stop, this seems to attract flies. Lots of them. Thousands to be more precise.
    Enough for a woman to come into the bakery I was sitting in & ask "is that your bike out there?" "there are a lot of flies hanging around it" with a really worried look on her face. Almost as if she was concerned that they might somehow pick bike the bike up & fly off with it. Well thats what it sounded & looked like to me. Her concern that is. But I could be mistaken. But then again.....
    So where does the camera & the Japanese come into it? I can only surmise that the Japanese have never seen flies. Cause within the next 20 seconds there must have been about a dozen photo's taken of my bike with its accompanying swarm of flies. By 3 female tourists of Asian appearance. Along with excited jibbering & squeals of laughter. It must of looked quite impressive.
    And by the way a nervous mum yelled at her kid "keep away from that motorbike" "Its got flies all over it" -it must have also looked a bit intimidating. Judging by the amount of treble in her voice. Hahaha.
    Maybe thats why no one wanted to sit next to me in the bakery. But I don't think I had a swarm of flies following me. Not that I could see. All in a days ride hey?

  2. ?????????????
  3. Hahaha, I like the way you wrote that :)

    It's fly season hey?
  4. thats a nice write up roarin!

    in thai the locals were taking photos of my mates and i :D
  5. Well, at least it wasn't "keep away from that biker, he's got flies all over him"!

    Nice story there. :)
  6. no flies on Andrew

    (old Australian saying, for those who don't know it, and Asian tourists)

    Your usual standard of writing, mate, flat out and interesting, like your riding.