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The Internal Combustion Engine

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. With all the hype in recent times about greenhouse gases, fuel prices etc, I did a little head count at my place.

    I counted how many engines our family (of 3) have.

    The Answer is 13

    2 bikes
    3 Cars
    3 mowers
    1 wipper snipper
    1 Rotary Hoe
    2 Generators
    1 spare engine for one of our cars

    What an invention!

  2. 2 cars
    1 speedway car
    5 road bikes
    4 trail bikes
    1 quad bike
    3 lawnmowers
    1 chainsaw
    1 leaf blower
    1 whippersnipper
    2 RC cars
    1 RC chopper

    yay for fossil fuels!
  3. 1 x bike.

    I have a car, but it hasn't really got an engine, more a collection of rattly nuts and bolts that make a shit load of noise for no appreciable reason.
  4. lol

    4 bikes
    1 whipa snipa
    3 2stroke lawn movers
    4 cars
  5. 1 bike
    4 cars
    3 whipper snippers
    3 chainsaws
    2 blower vacs
    4 lawn mowers
    that's it.. i think?
    does a pool pump count? if so, two of them.
  6. 1 bike

    1 Car

    I'm doing my bit; all you other wallies are causing the global warming :p :LOL:.
  7. Why do you all have 3 or 4 lawnmowers???
  8. when i update, the old one is left in the shed. nothing wrong with them, just not fancy enough :p
  9. Not unless they require fuel to run. If they are electric = doesn't count

  10. I was expecting an answer like "to cut grass" :grin:

    Have lawnmowers really changed that much?

    Dont they all just have a spinning blade to cut grass and a cord to yank to get them started?
  11. My dad is a landscaper - 2 mowers, a ride on...
  12. 2 road bikes
    2 cars crumydore & 4WD
    2 trail bikes 450 husky and my old original XL250 circa 1978
    3 thumpstars
    1 ride on
    1 push mwr
    1 whipper snipper
    1 blower vac
    1 [ brand new ] 10kva gen set

    * best Homer Simpson voice :
    mmmmm fossil fuels uurrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh
  13. hmmm, this list could be long if i inc spares
    between my dad and i

    bout 15 cars (not all reg and running)
    1 quad
    1 mower
    1 tractor
    bout 10 spares

    racing brings out the hoarder in anyone, still saving for my first roadbike engine, what a damn fine invention
  14. Heh, two cars, two bikes, a chainsaw, whippersnipper, and a dam pump. But we have about 200 trees here, so we are "carbon neutral" at least!
    " I pollute and I vote"

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. oh s#t, forgot the two chainsaws, whippersnipper and two pumps :shock:
    i think the 200 acres of farm oughta cover our nasty habits :p
  16. got stock? how bout all that methane :shock:
  17. 2 cars
    1 lawn mower
    1 ride on lawn mower
    2 wipper snippers
    6 minimoto's (pocketbikes)
    1 blower vac
    1 scooter
  18. ajl produces enough of that without livestock.
  19. 4 Cars
    4 Bikes (two actually running)
    1 Quad
    1 Mower
    1 Whipper Snipper
    1 Mulcher
    2 Generators
    1 Compressor
    1 Bobcat
    1 Cement Mixer
    1 Compactor
    1 Chainsaw
    2 Outboards (one running)
  20. Sounds like a Landscaper/Paver to me :p

    1 Bike
    3 Cars
    3 Utes (2wd Navara, 4wd Triton, HQ statesman)
    2 Compactors
    2 Cement mixers
    4 Brick saws
    1 Leaf Blower