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The infamous Wellington road bridge Eastlink speed camera

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. ********************!!!!!!!!! Just got a ticket in the mail from the Wellington Rd bridge speed camaera. 107 in a 100 zone. What a joke Victorian roads have become. $153 and 1 point.

  2. A mate gone done on the same camera in his car clocked at 109. When he went to court, got talking to another fellow, exact same fine but this guys is friends with some high up cop at the courts.

    Anyway, long story short, was told to plead guilty which he did, not a bad driving record so the judge dismissed the fine but the 1 point still stands as the judicial system has no say over what Vicroads do. Strange, but saved some cash.
  3. Bugger.

    Exactly how fast do you THINK you were going, and how fast does the CAMERA think you were doing? ie. 110 km/h minus 3km/h for "legislated tolerance"?

    Without fail, I always drop off cruise along that road when approaching the cameras and run at around 95 km/h. Been "lucky", so far...
  4. Ta daaaa!

  5. How does the issue of speedo's and the ARD +/-10% tolerance go as a defence these days?

    If ADR says the speedo can be out 10% and Im clocked at 107 you'd think a court with half a brain would throw the charge out. (yeh right, whom I kidding).
  6. Not a defense unfortunately. Check out trafficlaw.com.au

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  7. I feel much better now I've gotten this whole speeding ticket thing out of my system.

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  8. There was a class action court case about this camera a while ago. I don't know how it played out, but if it was successful I think we would have heard.

    By all means make a complaint to the speed camera ombudsman. Can't hurt.
  9. No idea about VIC, but I know in NSW they removed this provision in the last few years as a justification for a SDRO letter of appeal.

    Used to be they could consider it, but you need letter/proof from a mechanic and you can only use it as a defense within 10% of the speed. So if you're booked for 67 in a 60 zone, your speedo is more than 10% inaccurate = not useable as an excuse. But 60-66 was ok.

    However now its tough luck if your speedo is wrong as its removed from the review guidelines.
  10. I like how you were so caring in preparing it.

    P.S. Have you had a fine in the last 2 years? If not, you have an excellent chance of applying for an official warning instead...

    P.P.S If I remember correctly you got done about 6 months back down mornington or something
  11. Yep, having a bad run at the moment. At least this time I wasn't doing 220 in a 100. Dont think a letter to the cops will work after last year 8-[
  12. I got a detected 78, alleged 75 in a 70 new years eve in St Leonards...
    One of those places where there are 3 limits within a few hunderd meters and was wondering what the last speed limit zone was..
    Stupid me went by my gps which was indicating 80kph zone so yeah one of those reduces limit places within the last few years..

    No tickets for over 10 years, due 21st Feb and sent my suck up letter a couple of weeks before hand..
    Still haven't heard anything...

    We'll see..
  13. then it can't read your plates. because 95 will get you pinged through there.
    i never go over 90 through it.
  14. Must say, I ride under that camera regularly with the bike..
    Always make sure I'm just under by a few k's via my gps not speedo and have never had a ticket..
  15. i've had three.
    all for 107kph
    that's what everyone gets.
    theres a court room set asside just to handle the cases from that camera
  16. Getting a fine for 107 on a road like that is ridiculous and just confirms once again its all about revenue. I don’t know how the Auditor General can sleep at night.
  17. Not wellington rd, but just caught two 20 minutes apart in a rental car a few weeks ago, tickets showed up yesterday. 8 over and 13 over… first ever tickets after living here for over 5 years. Sigh.

    Since the one is 13 over, am I still able to theoretically get the 8 dismissed as a warning?
  18. Im sure he goes to his big house in Toorak open a bottle of port and just cries thinking of the $200,000 pay check he gets every year? Wouldn't want to be him would ya?
  19. Generally a nice letter promising sexual pleasure will have the second fine that occurred within a reasonably short period forgotten - but this is NSW here.
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