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The Inevitable - First accident

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by danielb, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. I've been lurking around the forum for a few months now. I'm currently on my P's.

    I have been commuting from Bossley Park to Chatswood for work, and this morning i had my first motorbike accident.

    I was turning onto the M4 onramp from Burnett St in Merrylands. As Sydneysiders may know, it was raining this morning. I turned in at a very low speed, 15-20km/h, and as i did the bike just gave way underneath me and i got to watch it slowly slide away from me whilst i lay on the road.

    Picked it up, got away with slight damage to the clutch case and exhaust.

    I rode to work the rest of the way with a noticable drop in confidence in regards to riding in the wet.

    I am not sure what happened - it may have been the white lane markings on the road which were slippery and i may have crossed them while letting go of the throttle (mistake i know), which even at this low speed may have been enough for the front tyre (which is an arrowmax a.k.a. arrowstax) to let go.

    I feel very disillusioned at the moment. It looks like the road has dried up, and i'll be leaving work in a couple hours.

    I don't want to put the blame on the tyre - i want to try and improve my skills so that even if i am riding on a tyre that is known for it's poor wet weather performance, i should be able to do so safely.
  2. New rider and wet road after three weeks of dry? Don't blame yourself, buddy, you were got by the dreaded oil/diesel/petrol/rubbish spill. You didn't damage the bike badly, and you're ok; get on it and ride it home, and chalk it up to the need to be extra careful on wet roads after it's been dry for a while.
  3. Sorry to hear about your off mate. Glad your ok and the bike only got scratches.

    Firstly don't worry, these things happen. It's not just one simple thing that leads to an off (including the wet) but a combination of stuff like tyre temp, surface conditions, braking or throttle setting, suspension and lean angle etc. etc.

    The key learning is to be more aware of how different conditions can change the handling of your bike, and the need to be prepared.

    Good riding gear is always your best friend!
  4. +1

    Glad your alright mate. But those white lines are bloody killers in the wet. Even crossing them on a straight changing lanes in the wet you get a bit anxy.
  5. i thought a dog was :?
  6. Everyone always bags out the Dunlop Arrowmax tyres. They have great wet weather performance due to the very wide tread on the tyre. They are also great in the dry as I was able to get my pegs down on my FZR250. It sucks to have an accident but my bet would be that you were either too aggressive with the steering, you were going to fast for the tyres in the conditions or you hit a white line or something slippery like fuel on the road and had no hope.

    I'm glad your ok, it will take some time for you to get your confidence back but just take it easy and be very careful in the wet from now on. Nice and smooth steering and nice and slow without leaning it over too much.
  7. Because they are crap. My Chinese front tyre shits all over them in ALL conditions.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Does the Chinese tyre you have have a really stong rubber smell?
  9. sorry to hear of your off mate, glad your ok.

    i ran arrowmax on my GPX and was very happy.managed to peg scrape her thru the twisties and i ride with 600+cc bikes all the time and kept up thru all the tighter stuff,
    had no issues wat so ever with these tyres!
  10. Sorry to hear about your off. It could be caused by alot of factors but I think about 60-70% is from the tyres. When I started riding, I rode in puring rain on my second day(I had rdunlop gpr70 on at the time).

    Well the arrowmax tyres are crap... I changed from a Dunlop Rideen (GPR70 I think) to Arrowmax and I can feel its alot different.

    For dry the rideen is really good, never lost grip and have a good feel for it. For the arrowmax it didnt loose grip either but I cant quite feel where the limit of the tyre is.

    For the wet, the rideen performed quite well except in deep water or oil(what performs good in oil anyway?). I still have the feel where it might let go. As the arrowmax, all i can say is crap. I hated it in the wet. It always put me on alert when I ride in the wet. I would loose grip in a straight line in the wet under half throttle(the rideen can go full throtle without loosing grip) when im being smooth.

    The only down side of the rideen is they wear out too soon.
  11. Well the GPR70 would win hands down in the dry against the Arrowmax but I would have thought in the wet the Arrowmax's would have won due to the much larger tread patterns. The GPR70's are twice the price of the Arrowmax tyres but in the dry I was touching my pegs down on my FZR250 with the Arrowmax GT501's.

    typhoon I wouldn't be using Arrowmax's if I had anything over 250cc as there are much better choices, but alas as a 250cc owner Arrowmaxs are probably the best value tyre out there that fits unless you want the Dunlop GPR Alpha 10s which I want to get :)
  12. I think we've all been there before. Since it was a wet road its possible you just hit a patch of something but decent tyres are a start. I was running Bridgestone Battleax on my GPX (sold recently) and was more than happy with wet weather performance. In fact I was significantly quicker through the twisties on my little GPX than the guys I was riding with. While we're talking tyres make sure you check the pressures regularly too, on something like the GPX I found it made a big difference to handling.
    With all that said of course Ive only just got back on since my first off. I held a clean slate during L's and P's. After 25000km and only 6months into owning my first unrestricted bike (06' CBR600RR) it happened. Hit something and lost control, recovered it but couldnt pull up for a T-intersection. Straight over a gutter and into a brick wall. Wrote the bike off but walked (hobbled) away. Ive just bought a new bike and Ive found Im very timid. As everyone else said take it as a learning experience, I certainly have.
  13. sorry to hear mate, if you were only going that slow, i reckon highly likely you did hit some diesel/oil. especially given it was a on ramp from an industrial area on a major transport route. being able to recover from a slide is only something that comes with exprience, or dirt riding.
    tbo ive found the old battleaxes that came stock on the VTR to be excellent in the wet, the sport demons on them now are ok, very effecient in water dispersal, but soft compound means poor grip when cranked over.
    the road pilots on the storm are awesome in the wet, but saying that ive never really pushed them.
    naked one, thats a shit story mate, probably better you collected the wall than getting collected by a semi. honestly, although you never know at the time, sometimes i reckon you would be better just going down with the bike than regaining control but then finding your self in a situation you cant get out of. ie when you swerve to avoid another car, evade, but loose control in the process, end up running into another car and being at fault.
  14. Don't worry about coming off. It really is hard to understand just how incredibly slippery those painted lines are when they're wet - now you know. My first time in the wet I slid for a good 2m over an arrow. Luckily I was in a straight line!

    As for the Arrowmax. I never liked mine. Sure I peg scraped in them a few times, but that doesn't make them good. When I changed to the pilots I felt a lot more in control. Of course, I also fixed my suspension at the same time :?
  15. Crash

    I know the intersection well. I live in the area and can say that it would have 90% oil and water that owuld have caused the accident.

    I am glad that you are ok.

    I also have been riding in the wet with limited experience, Even the guy that I am borrowing my Bike off was suprised that I rode in on the first day of bad weather.

    I have not stopped since, more experience and practice the better.

    Take it easy until you get the confidence back up.. \ :grin: