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The Indians are in space !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. wow !, you wouldn't believe that a decade a go !
    Seems the Indians have lauched a probe to the moon ! :eek:

    So they've improved in cricket, made steps onto the moon . . . . is it too hard to ask for driving habits to change ? :?

    . . . . c'mon, who hasn't been irritated. :grin:
    (its a common topic of discussion at coffee nights)

  2. can we send the rest there...?
  3. I dig it. more power to them.
  4. call centres on the moon can't be that far away

  5. hahahahaha but then who will drive the taxi that gets us home after going to the 7-11 for a pie that is served to you by Mr Sing, there wont be a cab driver in sight.

    Then when you internet fails, who will you call?
  6. Ha ha ha, if they can't even drive a car, how they gonna steer a space ship!!!
  7. hmmm,ICBM anyone?
  8. I'm trying to think what an Indian space ship will look like...

  9. yeah, and when your listening to Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire and you have that urge to order some vindaloo !
  10. No doubt they will have a 3 hour song and dance just before launch.
  11. #12 shadowarrior, Oct 26, 2008
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    well, thanks to their cheap labor cost, people can enjoy a cost controlled customer service and after sales support :) and, you have no clue about the conditions they work in. $189 a month for around 14+hours per day, 6 days a week, with rare medical leaves allotted. So, even if you have a 104 fever, you still have to try and be sweet to the customer on the phone who does not even have a clue how to turn on a computer. :) so wave a thankies to them, next time you come across one of the good call center guys who fixes your computer problems :)

    indian driving skills, just coz we see a bunch of dumb drivers in here, does not mean every one in India drives like crap. I saw an Australian lady, bang straight into the wall in front, trying to park her car in the parking bay. WOW, i guess she had some indian hormones inside her too :p

    about Indian cricket, oh well, I like Saurav Gangully, and the team when he captained...
    there are some good players in the team now, Ishant Sharma ....
    but, are we forgetting this already ? :

    http://au.[media=youtube]K65_spUU05s[/media] :)

    i second that :p and they will have all the Bollywood celebs to do a dance sequence too ...
  12. Cabbies of all kinds get so sloppy with their driving after midnight. Clearly some of them are pushing double shifts, maxing out on the caffeine - it's common place to see them drift over lines when ferrying passengers home at 3am in the morning. Even as recent as last night, I watched a cabbie infront of me approach a construction zone that had turned the road into a single lane for both ways - when he approached instead of waiting for traffic to finish coming through he drove around the lollipop lady and straight at traffic. It was kinda funny because he did it slowly, continually nudging forward despite the frantic waving of the chick and her stop sign, as though he was expecting oncoming traffic to move out of his way.

    Seriously though - it is scary how either end of India lives. There is such a stark contrast between either end. Hopefully this space program will provide them with the space age technology needed to fix their infrastructure.
  13. india had been in space programs for a long time now.
    but I doubt this program will help with their infrastructure.

    Somewhere, the vicious cycle of poverty falls into place, those who are poor, would remain poor, those who are rich, will keep getting rich.
    But then, this cycle exists worldwide.
    The other problem India has to cope with is, corruption ...and political rifts.
    Because of these two reasons, development has seized in many Indian states. :|

    Oh well... all the best with their space program :)
  14. Despite all of the above, I thought India had the biggest growing "middle class" in the world.
    This is reflected in the price of ghee. It has doubled in the past couple of years.

    .....and personally, have never met an unpleasant Indian person.
  15. ghee is still cheap back in my city :D
    Rs 5.00 for a 500gm jar :p
    gosh i miss ghee-bhat, with alu bhaja so much :)

    some states, yes, but for many other states, which have not been able to develop yet, there isn't any improvement in the middle class's lifestyle...
    west bengal for example, politics refrain international and national companies from setting up businesses, lack of choice and a below standard pay scale in the jobs available... :|

    mumbai, and delhi on the other hand, boasts a rapid development amongst the middle class.

    However, due to various international competitor products, the quality of goods and services has improved.

    Have you been to India ? :)