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the inbetweeners

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by sydneycraig, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. #1 sydneycraig, Mar 7, 2011
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  2. This is a brilliant show, I've been watching for a little while now...
    Especially enjoyed the scene where one of them buys a CBR125, and his mate promptly crashes it into the wall of the building next-door to the dealer.
  3. fantastic show
    its on GO on thurs nights (in NSW anyway)
    i heard they are making a movie version too
  4. I absolutely love this show... I've got all 3 series downloaded and yep, they're making a movie as well. Can't wait! A show where the term 'fingered' gets used so much is just proper win in my opinion lol :D
  5. Started watching about a month ago, and I've finished seasons one, two & three.

    I saw the opening trailer one like episode one of season one and knew I was in for some laughs. Kind of good they only do a short season because then they can keep it 'fresh' instead of dragging seasons out and they'll go through every storyline by the second season.

    Last episode of season three wasn't that good I ddn't think but then I read that they were/are doing a movie so that should make up for it.

    Jay is probably my favourite..
  6. oooo friend!
  7. football friend...
  8. Bus Wankers!
  9. nodding frieeend
  10. briefcase mong...
  11. speccy wanker
  12. you bum-der!
  13. Now that was truly funny...
  14. I can't remember the exact wording

    oh the keys were in my pocket
  15. I saw it tonight!
    Signed up for Cinabuzz and all tickets were $10 for the 'advanced' screening or whatever.

    I thought the film was funny as hell, as you expect it's basically just the TV show in a different setting (Greece), there was enough sun, sea, sand, sex, boobs, clunge, sex, fanny, minge and sex throughout the movie and had the whole movie in stitches throughout the whole movie even walking out you could hear everyone saying their favourite lines.

    My advice; go see it.
  16. so not the typical tit n bum show like say benny hill? lol
  17. Brad Shit? Vladimir Pootin?

    Got sprung by the big boss only this morning calling a colleague 'bus wanker'!

    Can't wait to see the movie. Christ in heaven I haven't laughed so hard at a tv show in years. Neil is my favourite.
  18. 'It's your spunk'
    'Yeah, but it's your car'
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