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The Inaugural Dad'n'Dave Road Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. My wife flew out to the UK today, (I know she's gone cause I stayed at the airport to make sure) :p :p

    So it's time for Dacs and I to head off for our mini road trip, we plan to spend a couple of nights in Bright exploring the roads, enjoying the local pubs and grubs, and generally trying to keep out of serious trouble.

    Then it's a very loose plan to come back over the Alpine Way through Omeo and into Bruthen, Bairnsdale and home.

    We would appreciate any advice on good roads and rides out of Bright, which pubs have the best grub and probably the best wood fires, what to avoid, where we have to smile cause the man with the camera may want an 8 x 6 glossy, etc, etc, etc.... also looking for alternatives routes back to Narre, from Bruthen /Bairnsdale.

    And where and what is this MEG thing I keep reading about?????

    Thanks in advance

    AKA = Nobby and Dacs

  2. Mt buffalo must do Mt Buffalo.

    Lots of options get a map and look for the squiggly bits

    Nice run out past Buffalo Dam eventually turns to gravel but a good run to or from Whitfield. (Some may not like the gravel)

    Mt Beauty, Falls Creek you will no doubt do Mt Hotham on the way to Omeo
  3. Heading out of bright towards harrietville is the tawonga gap rd (I think the turnoff is in germantown) , i drove up this road when i was up there last and it is amazing and twisty the whole way to mount beauty, and if you want you can keep going all the way to falls creek.
    I even took a pic of the tawonga gap rd to remind me to go back on the bike :p

    Buffalo is also a good ride but when i was up there last weekend the road was pretty dirty (Watch out for the lyrebirds)

    And finally from porepunkah to hotham and then to omeo is also a nice road.

    I can't remember any of the others right now but have fun :)
    i lived at Mt Beaty for 6 mths October 2004 to Feb 2005
    and frequently went for dinner at Mt Beauty (The Settlers Tavern) loverly friendly folks ,say gidday form Ben and Jo this tavern is literally in Tawonga South, also the Bogon Moth at Tawonga,before Tawonga south (strange i know i thought the same ) Pretty darned Good Tucka at both places , then over the winding Bright road to Harrietville to Hotham winding road also to Omeo was a great drive,
    i was just told by loggers there is SNOW up there so please BE Carefull :shock: