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The impossible corner :shock:

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Rally's are all about spectator participation...
    at this one you don't just watch, you get involved!!!


  2. The second one was a pearler!

    As was the one at around 1:30.

    Great find! Thanks. :)
  3. :shock: Yep the second on was a beauty! Cant believe that many got it so wrong!
  4. Obviously after a long straight and they just carried too much speed into the corner.

    It's interesting driving through a rally stage after an event and looking at the wheel tracks at the end of straight bits and some of the lines taken between the trees :shock:
  5. what intrigued me was the number that slid off the corner completely locked up.
    They were completely caught like a rabbit in the headlights, all training to drive out of the corner forgotten.
  6. I like the dopey bastard that starts yelling "OYOYOYOYOYOYOY!" each time.
  7. I hate that guy... :LOL:
    Love the yellow car, he was on two wheels before it evn hit the dip :LOL:
  8. it was more like recce was done the day before at slower speeds
    overnight conditions changed (rain ,snow etc )
    on the run through at full tilt you will find out where your pace notes were wrong

    or if it is like most rallies in OZ pace notes are banned so unless you did the rally before you would be driving fast relying on skill
  9. I think a few people need to take some more lessons in pace notes .......lol

    :LOL: second one was the best :cool:
  10. Maybe some asshole spectator laid all that road-coloured gravel on the road overnight to spice up the photos.
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  12. Thosr wacky Finns, :LOL: