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The importance of three car spaces

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. So I'm riding up to a set of red lights with three cars in front of me on a wide single lane road. I normally don't split so I decide to wait in line and place the bike right in the centre of the lane to stop anyone from trying to go beside me. In my left mirror I see a 4WD tank trying to get through on the left. No worries, there is no way he can even think about getting past me, there is nowhere near enough room. Or so I thought. Next thing I know he is up on the gutter, just missing the light pole and places his right wheel about 3cm from my left foot as he tries to edge past.

    As his window comes level with me the following is said
    Me: "ARE YOU A F&^*ING IDIOT?!"
    Him: "Yeah, it is a bit too tight isn't it." and he stops.
    3 Seconds later, Him: "You sure there isn't two lanes here?"
    Him: "No but everyone does it."
    Not surprisingly his window then rolled up and he sat patiently until the lights changed. All for 3 car spaces! So remember, there is always someone on the road that is stupider than the stupidest person you have ever seen.
  2. Sydney traffic/drivers for ya....
  3. He was just practising what most riders like, filtering.

    Now we're complaining.
  4. Please tell me you are joking. You forgot to put the smiley face in right?

    Bikes filter when there is room. There is no way a 4WD can fit in a space just a little bit bigger than what a bike needs to filter. He was never going to make it but decided to almost run me over in a vain attempt to get ahead of 3 cars and a bike.
  5. The way you've written this thread makes you sound like the one that needs the reality check. Your obviously keen on keeping to the centre of a lane whilst stopped at traffic and that's something i don't do - its' your personal choice and fair enough. Having a go at someone who's being a bit of an 'asshat' to borrow the term from Eswen - is also fair enough; but the guy was only attempting to turn at an intersection. The point where i do feel it sways in your favour is when he mounted the curb. Morons that mount the kerb in an attempt to get around cars at intersections piss me off to no end, as do halfwits who jump median curbs in their Toorak tractors when they can't be assed waiting.

    Again, personal opinion is that if i COULD have moved aside slightly to let him safely get past me without coming into contact with me or my bike i would have happily done so. IMHO it's the same as a tin top moving aside slightly to allow those of us who do lanesplit - to do so with a little more clearance.
    I'd say chalk this one down as an tie. He was in the wrong for mounting the curb, and by the sounds of things you went a little over the top abusing him to that extent.
  6. Im with you Gregvasco, mounting the kerb and nearly mounting you just so he can get nowhere 2 seconds quicker Id be pissed. :mad:
  7. Bloody 4wd's. People buy them and think they can do what they want. WHy do you think they bother putting kerbs on the roads? ( I nearly had my foot run over by some tool in a tank when I lived in Sydney, was standing on the footpath waiting for the lights).

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Well said :-w
  9. Bad Geggy. You should have been at the front.
  10. I got “filtered” by a guy at a kids crossing a while ago brushed right up against my leg almost knocked me of my bike so when the lollypop lady got of the road i caught up and almost put my fist threw his (closed) driver side window

    I’m not normally like that but when I honked my pathetic little horn he gave the what the hell are you doing on my road look and gave me the finger.

    I don’t know what people are thinking when they do some things on the road. If some thing cant kill them they don’t care if it kills any one else they just do it cause there safe
  11. Well said, there is a reason why you should be filtering !!
  12. You should angle your bike across the lane to stop these wankers. You can't block the whole lane but by cutting the line to the middle cuts them off nicely. As you approch the point you want to stop at, simply tun from the middle to the line (or vice versa) so you're sideways then turn your bars straight so the bike goes that way when you take off again. :wink:
  13. When a bike filters, the only person put at risk is the rider, and the rider does this by their own choice. :)

    When a car filters, the only person put at risk is the RIDER and the rider has NO CHOICE in this. :evil:

    I'm sorry if you don't understand this, but the only person qualified to decide when it's safe IMO is the rider because in each circumstance, it's the rider who is risking injury. :roll: Statistically, the rider has a better chance of being killed by not filtering so it is the rider's perogative to to make that decision if they see it as being appropriate. If a car driver put their own (and not the rider's) physical health (and potentialy lives) at risk when making these decisions then I might see it differently, but since they don't, they have no right to do it. It's not the same thing and if you guys can't see the difference then the reality check you suggested is more resonably pointed in your direction. :roll: :roll: ffs :roll:
  14. Interesting panorama of opinions. Don't you just love the internet - connecting so many people who think so differently.

    As for the "How to own your lane" suggestions may I re-iterate it was a 1.5 lane road. With me sitting in the centre, there was about 1/2 a car width on either side of me. Ahead of me next to the cars in front was even less. Yet this 4WD decided to try to get through by mounting the kerb. Any reasonably minded person with the slightest common sense would have taken one look at the gap and dismissed any idea of trying to get through.

    As for the "You shouldn't have hogged the road in the centre" suggestions, if I had moved to one side, then it would have allowed a car to edge next to me and then get nowhere because there was even less gap next to the car in front of me. So what happens when the lights change? The 4WD and I will be arguing for the space behind the car in front. No thanks! Because any asshole that tries edging past is the type of person who will barge you out of the way. And there was a heap of room for a bike to get through so I wasn't cutting off any bikes who wanted to split.

    As for "You should have split" suggestions, fair call. But it depends on your opinion and attitude towards road use and the law. I do it very rarely because I never feel the need to get through traffic that much quicker when you consider the trade off of having cars pissed off at you and the added risk of accident. As far as the getting rear-ended aspect of not splitting, whenever I don't split the first thing I do as I stop is glue my eyes to my mirror and watch the guy behind me. I leave it in gear and ready to go so that if someone looks like clobbering me I gun it, lean and get the hell out of the way. And splitting is illegal in NSW. Sure that may change but not yet it hasn't. But that is my call. I don't have a problem with other bikes doing it and will always make room for someone to do it.
  15. +1 on this.

    And yes, those guys in their Toorak Tractors/Rosebay Rollers really annoy the heck out of me, it's like, put them in a 4WD and they have a "God of the road" complex... But I guess I shouldn't generalize, there's asshats in every different brand of cars.
  16. After spending the last three days in sydney traffic I see where you are coming from mate. Im sitting in 14 tonne of steel and rubber and they dont even give a shite about me. I love the way the dickheads just indicate and change without looking :LOL: one dude got the shock off his life cause I just couldnt be bothered slamming on my brakes with a full load so he hits the curb when he pulled back over bearing in mind my hole cabin was in front of him then proceeds to abuse me at the lights. So I just smiled and said "yea I know us truck drivers are bad people mate, but its better than being a totally ignorant fcuk wit who doesnt even realise that hes next to a truck that dont stop so good" anyways be back there this week for more fun :wink:

    Just to finish though how fcuking skinny are the lanes in the city white line to white line in the truck then grandad wonders accross the line god help me :LOL: and respect to all you poor bastards that have to live there :wink:
  17. In my experience, car drivers rarely get annoyed unless you scare them (easily prevented by going through nice and slowly if it's tight, and not diving for extra spots when things start moving) or if you hold them up once the light goes green (again easily prevented by a small twist of the wrist.)

    Sure there's the occasional d*ckhead who is just plain jealous and tries to make your life uncomfortable by pulling over in your way etc... But honestly I think those people are born pissed off, there's no point living your life to try to appease those knobs.

    Of course, filtering or not filtering is your prerogative and I wouldn't push ou either way. I just find it keeps me right out of traffic 90% of the time, giving me plenty more space on the road and getting me where I'm going quicker, safer, more relaxed and it's more fun riding a clear road too.
  18. meh, what are you complaining about? j/k!

    Going down Warragul Rd here in Melb on the morning commute it's pretty common to have cars coming at you driving on the wrong side of the road so they can get to the right turn lane...and i'm not talking maybe 3 car lengths more like 150-200 metres

    I nearly got taken out a month or so ago by a tradie in a ute with a trailer doing this...I took off from the lights in the right hand lane and he decided he couldn't wait any longer so swung out into my lane to get those few valuable metres...some hard brake activation, a swerve and the mother of all pucker moments kept me upright...but only just.

    It really makes you laugh when the government wants to confiscate/ impound cars of hoons and book people for exceeding the limit by a little but aresholes who drive dangerously ever time they get behind the wheel seem to escape attention :evil:
  19. I know the feeling.

    I live in an area where one street leading in towards home is almost wide enough for two lanes. When I turn off that road, I try to swing wide because there's bushes blocking my view of the street I'm turning on to, and it's narrow and has a bend not 20m in. People try pushing past me on it all the time, or sit on my bum. I don't come in that way any more, it's too scary.

    I don't lanesplit or filter at all. A lot of the lights here in Canberra have Bus priority signals, and motorbikes and taxis are allowed to use the bus lanes. :grin:

    As to 4WDs, I've had my share of horror stories with them. Like one guy cutting in front of me as I'm following my partner home on his new bike (he wrote off the last one) as we come up to a set of lights and a turn off onto an onramp. Being peak hour, I knew (from before he cut me off) that the lights were red. When he cut in front of me, I couldn't see where they had stopped, which was a nightmare.
  20. yeah extra wide sections of road are a real problem if you ask me. Especially when you have say 1 lane in each direction, but the lane is easily wide enough for 2 lanes. Some people just drive as though its 2 lanes and are totally ignorant to the fact its only 1.

    In situations like yours, at lights i will usually position myself so that the car behind me can fit past to turn left, BUT i think you did the right thing, you analysed the situation and conciously tried to make yourself safer by "owning your lane". It all just proves that no matter what you do there is always some dickhead who can put you in danger.