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The "If Only" thread...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. You know how it is, you're browsing Gumtree, or Bikesales, or eBay, and you see it! Your pulse quickens and your mind goes into overdrive..... until you realise that there are bills to pay and a hundred other things clamouring for that money...

    if only (see my avatar)
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  2. heh heh, I could buy five XS-650s with that money :LOL:
  3. That XS650 is a sweet sweet bike.
  4. :arghh: I know. But by the time I move up in increments each year I should be able to afford one in years to come. When I'm old and grey.
  5. For me it's more the "what if" bikes, not the ones I dream of owning (hey let's be honest, I still hold out hope that I'll one day afford that Bimota) but bikes that I came close to buying but for some reason decided against. It's almost sadder, because at least you can aspire to your dream bikes. You know you're never gonna buy the "what if" bike because you've made the choice and the moment for them has passed.

    So yeah, these are the bikes that in my darker moments I'd quietly look up on Bikesales and just let my thoughts drift for a while:
    • K3 GSXR750
    • Cagiva Raptor 1000
    • 1st-gen Kawasaki Z1000 - should've bought it instead of the 2nd-gen Z750 that I did end up buying, spent six years torn between loving the 750 and pining for the thou'
    • Honda CBR954RR
    • KTM 990 Supermoto R - I don't regret my Hyper, but it was definitely a points decision getting her over the SMR.
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  6. Pah. Sell wife/husband and kids to the salt mines and buy whatever you want!
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  7. ClutchCargoClutchCargo .......Jaesus! How much?

    I've already been accused of selling my soul. :angelic:
  8. Saw a green '07 ZRX1200 going for $3.5k, still heavily weighing getting one as my upgrade. But 90% of my driving is through heavy traffic, the tyres alone would cost a mint (I imagine) and I've only had my GS500 for 4 months (might be an irresponsible step up as I'm still not riding the GS anywhere near it's limits). Such a nice looking bike though...

    Also some of the old CB750's like real nice.
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  9. how old are your kids?
  11. I still wish for a '76 Z1000, I had one as my first big bike and wish I had never sold it :(
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  12. I love this movie I remember going to see it at the Valhalla in Northcote the real100% gold class
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  13. that was my second question