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The ideal wife

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Phillip, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. • Honey, are you sure you have enough beer for tonight?
    • I love you working on the bike on Saturdays, we should do it together on Sundays?
    • Honey, I have decided to walk naked at home.
    • You are so sexy when you are hungry!
    • Sweetheart, what kind of brakes do you want me to buy for the bike?
    • Do you mind if we watch the game together tonight and finish a dozen of beers?
    • I am going to wash the bike!
    • No, No, No. I am changing the motor oil this time.
    • Forget about St Valentine we can go for a bike show instead.
    • Your mother is so much better than me.
    • That's enough! I don't wanna go for shopping anymore. We better stay home, rent some hot movies and ....I can invite my girlfriend to join us.
    • Listen, a new striptease bar just opened across the street. Why don't we go and take a look?
    • Honey, I just enrolled myself in yoga classes to learn how to put my legs behind my neck. Only for you sweetheart.

  2. Lol ... one day ..
  3. But does she like to clean fish & can she fix outboard motors?
  4. I think (thankfully) she hasn't set sag yet.
  5. umm. what?
  6. i was thinking that too.....