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The Icing on the Cake

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, May 26, 2011.

  1. I live at the end of a dead end street, but on the other side of the dead end is another street connected by a pedestrian and bike way. It saves me about 5 mins going through this instead of going all the way around, sometimes more at peak hour. I returned home today through my little short cut, stopped at the mail box and got the mail without leaving my vehicle.

    This got me thinking about the little things that just make commuting on a bike or scooter just that extra bit special. The icing on the cake so to speak. We all know the advantages of filtering up still traffic, using buslanes, not having to worry about paying for parking or finding a spot. And not to mention the fun of being on two wheels. But what are those absolutly gold things that may only save you 30 seconds but just give you a bit of a smile because you can make the most of it, while anyone with more wheels can't?
  2. Yep, my area is full of them. My road exits out onto a main road, so
    I don't need to use them much, but they allowed me to get from home to a mechanic to get a roadworthy without going anywhere near a road that police travel.

    It's also great at uni, being able to park on campus right beside the school building.
  3. getting the whole carport (we have three, so i get one of those three) to myself, and kicking two of my families cars out into the weather :D
  4. Now that's just greedy! Surly they would make u share a spot.

    I like being able to fit the bike in front of our car and fit two vehicles in the one spot, whilst everyone else has to park their second vehicle on the street or risk being towed by overzealous strata security.
  5. I started a threat about this the other day, but tunnels make me smile all the time.

    I love reving the little POS to 16,500 in a tunnel. Reminds me that hey, 250cc's is better than none at all.
  6. hard to share a spot in my place, they're on a hill, and literally a car space wide, and if i parked my bike next to it, couldn't walk next to it. hard to explain, but it's the only thing that works.

    you trying to threaten me, punk!? you think it's funny, punk!?
  7. There was traffic ahead in front of me blocking access to a servo so I just rode on the sidewalk for about 20 metres and turned into it :D

    Got looks from the people stuck on the road, indicating to go into the servo.. Suckers.
  8. I love riding along the footpath for 20 metres or so and pulling up my local ATM and then taking cash out whilst still sitting on the bike. Also parking next to the exit door when I go shopping at Aldi and watching drivers go nuts at each other because there is bugger all parking. On really busy days I have managed to go in buy a few things get back on the bike and leave before cars have even found a parking spot.
  9. Outdoor ATM's.

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  10. Victorians get to park on footpaths, lucky stiffs :evil: :LOL:.
  11. Free ride through the Citylink...saves me time and money to get to work!
  12. Oh I forgot to mention, getting away with farts (no matter how loud and smelly) when your significant other is a passanger. Depite the bum to crutch proximity. I squeeze them out just to take advantage of this.
  13. My husband thinks he gets away with this. [-X
  14. The exit of the local servo is just after the top of the hill on the split 4 lane freeway (no, not safe). Due to the non-existent runon, cars prop at 10kmh trying to see what's coming. I on the other hand can go straight out and hug the shoulder for several seconds if there's a vehicle in the way.
    Second doesn't save time, but where I live there's others with cars and a carport. with my bike, I can ride my bike along the carport & park it right in the most sheltered position.
  15. the general big grin I get on my face while riding... worth it alone.

    They're so concretey and claustrophobic. It's just like the womb.

    Yes, it was meant to say 'thread'.
  17. Oh thats definately the best feature of my bike, but you have to remember to not do it when you're in a car/other form of transport. I did one today while driving a bobcat... it lingered and was just horrible. Must have been that 'bean' i ate.
  18. Using the bike lane on Chapel st, grinning and overtaking numerous Porche, Ferarri, etc.
  19. I got hammered for this once in Adelaide, many years ago. Courier - missed the place once and had to go hundreds of metres to turn around and look again. So what did I do? Went past it a second time, only by two houses. Stuff that! Back up the footpath at walked pace, only to be met by a copper. I forget exactly what it said on the ticket, but he didn't miss me - I remember that much.
  20. In Victoria, you can get away with 'I'm parking my bike' :)