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the "I love my reserve" thread...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by far_canel, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Alas, after my third entertaining use of the reserve tank this morning on the way to work, I figured a thread was in order. After all, surely others have used reserve and funny or horrible experiences associated with it... I've only had to use it three times, and the first two were quite interesting...

    [begin ramble] ( <-- should this be in the rant section mod's?)

    First incident.

    My first 'time to switch to reserve' was a few days after having the bike. I brought it, and wow, these things are great!! Ride it around, and basically rode it straight to my mechanic's shop for the RWC. It was ready to be picked up on a saturday morning. To paint the picture, I had a funeral that morning in the CBD of a great bloke, hard lose for everyone, however the cremation was private / family only. I had time between then and the Wake which was in St Kilda in the botanical gardens. Let's get the bike!!! :) At this stage, the parents or sister still don't know I own one.

    I jumped on the train to thomastown, mate picked me up, and w00t, my bike is legal and ready to go. I jump on, get onto the western ring road and it cuts out... first i'm thinking, 'what have they done to my bike?? it doesn't run?!?!?!?'... then I realised, alas, reserve!! switch it over, a bit of cranking and sweet...

    I checked the time, and I was cutting it fine to get to the wake. I remember when I brought the bike, the guy told me, you can get about 30km's out of reserve. Perfect, i'll just make it to the city, go to the wake, then get fuel asap. At this stage, i'd never filled the bike up.

    2km from the wake, i'm lost, rolling around the shrine and gardens trying to find this place... after a few phone calls that don't make much sense, i start guessing... chug chug chug... FARK!!! out of reserve!! The bike gets parked up in the middle of the gardens near the shrine, and I start walking in the heat with all my gear...

    I get to the wake, that all goes well, then time to return to the bike... Where the hell is the nearest servo??? Called a mate and he came and got me in his car, we drove all the way to dandy road to find a servo that had one spare 5L can for sale... great day that was.

    Second time.

    My mate had the same bike as me, and said he could get over 300km to a tank... I knew he did mostly highway k's when he measured that, so I would try not to venture past 230km's per tank...

    However one day time was running short and I was running late for work. Bugger it i'll squeeze a few more k's out and get fuel after work.

    I'm on william street headed towards peel street at the round about, on me L's, and split to the front. The left lane always turns left, the right always goes straight... chug chug stop. FARK!! i'm in the middle of two lanes, 5pm peak time, sitting there, with a shitty battery, and it's not keen on cranking at all!! fook fook fook!!!
    After several fails on reserve, I try Prime, it goes, and i ride a few km's to the servo, with every car in the area wanting to kill me for holding them up... (no idea why they didn't go past me...).

    Third time.

    After some aggressive lane splitting this morning due to running late for work, I'm in the right hand lane of the tulla, flying along having a ball splitting... It probably didn't help I had an old favorite offspring tune buzzing away in my ears... I pull over to the far right, select reserve, crank crank... nothing... crank crank some more, nothing, cranks are getting significantly slower... all the while i'm just waiting for one of those huge city link van's to arrive with their white and yellow flashing strobes... arrrrr, turn off heated grips you idiot... select prime, wait a minute, crank crank crank crank chug crank crank chug chug crank broooom!!!! (in classic zzr250 style)...

    Kick first, give it the berries, clutch out, yeah i'm back in the game, merge in continue splitting, bugger the cagers...

    almost to work, pull into underground car park, almost at my park, chug splutter, rev normally... Shit. Ok, i'm at work, thats ok. How the hell am I getting to a servo tonight?!?!?!?!?!?
    Work that shit out later today...

    [/end ramble]

    Anyone else got any interesting story's of running out of fuel??
  2. Don't run reserve too low, you end up getting rust blocking your pipes. It'll cost you a couple of hundred quid to get them unblocked if you're not good at DIY
  3. Needed to use reserve twice...

    First time was the day after my bike got delivered, i finally got insurance sorted (GG qbe only open on weekdays) and went for a broom... cut out at some traffic lights... oh shit quick duck waddle it onto the footpath.... oh out of fuel woot go reserve. Then went and filled up.

    Second time I just got home from work and thought i should be getting low might pop up to the servo... 2 corners later, about 200m from the servo the bike sputters to a stop.

    Now I don't run it that low... I get anywhere between 340-360k from the tank before reserve and it's pretty reliable. If i remember to push the damn button.

    I now fill up if I'm over 300k and it's a tuesday.

    also after filling up I generally leave it on reserve for about a day so I don't get crap in the bottom of the tank.
  4. During your lunch break take a tram ride up Swanston street towards Royal Womens Hospital, from there walk to Lygon Street and I'm positive there's a servo on the corner of Johnston and Lygon street.
    Shouldn't take you longer than an hour to do and you can get yourself a bite at Lygon street.
    I have no reserve storys as I have no bike (yet) but it was an amusing read, thanks :LOL:
  5. so you don't keep an eye on your fuel...

    do you check the chain, oil, tyres, or brakes?

  6. why on earth would I need to do that?!?!?!?! your a crazy man. :p

    The only way I keep an 'eye' on it is by resetting the k clock when I fill up and remembering the sort of riding i've been doing; highway or city or hammering bike etc etc...
  7. i just used to fill up reasonably often.
    at least once a week meant at around 150km.
    having a convenient servo on your route to work helps.
  8. thats right there is a servo there.

    and me never had a reserve issue, i dont have one :)
  9. i have an automatic reserve - ie: an early empty alert.

    still have about 100k's once it hits empty (from the 4L reserve). :shock:
  10. I miss my reserve. You know where you are exactly. With a light or a gauge it's very vague.

    Once you get to know your bike you will begin to feel when it is about to hit reserve. The bike won't accelerate the same way and feel a little rougher. So this will give you a bit more time to switch.

    Also as you get to know it, you will figure out how many ks you get to the reserve "tank".

    And you should be switching to "pri" if you run it completely dry as you are discovering. Otherwise your float bowls will be empty.

    Remember to switch back to reserve after it fires.
  11. Not exactly a reserve story but along those lines.

    Had a zx6r with leaking fuel tap no probs had it repaired and all is sweet. Was taking a girl on the back for her first pillion ride thru the spur and the thing chugs. . . . chugs . . . switch to reserve then it dies. Oh thats odd well cant do anything about it here. Hey its the back spur surely a bike will stop and render assistance. . . . . . .zoom. . .. .zoom. . . .. nope

    To cut a long story short my mechanic had repaired the tap but put the fuel hoses the wrong way round ie the On position was draining from the reserve pipe. Should have looked at the trip meter but who does that when your bouncing the thing off the rev limiter? :p
  12. Elgin & Lygon that is :)

    There's also one on Victoria and Drummond as well.
  13. No reserve for me either. The fuel gauge started flashing at me before I last parked it. I'd done 360km. I was expecting at least 400km then I checked my cold tyre pressures prior to the last time I rode it. The front was only at 16psi but the back was at 34. I don't ride hard so didn't really notice much difference. However, the front looked a little on the flatter side when I sat on the bike but still held its shape. It rode slightly differently after I pumped up the front. It was easier to push as well!
  14. never run dry myself - but have needed to go to reserve once or twice.

    Now I'm familiar enough with the bike to sense that slight drop in power as I get close to needing reserve (and have done 350-360km) and generally can reach down and flip to reserve without slowing and pull in to the local servo when I next pass it.

    Running out would SUCK! :grin:
  15. Ba-doom-tiiisssss.. :)
  16. For those that know it I was riding the Granya pass on a trip down from Yass. The Granya is inspiring piece of road well worth it but quite isolated. About half way through I went on to reserve.

    The rest of the ride to Tallangatta was at a much more leisurely rate. I ended up coasting in to town with the bike coughing and spluttering. Definitely mixed feelings, relieved I made it and wasn't camping by the side of the road waiting for Hillbilly Bubba to drive by in his pickup, p****d off that I had to waste the last part of the Granya at a fuel conserving pace.

    :) Life is full of adventures.
  17. GPX does 325k's on a tank before reserve.. other people say 400 but i wring its neck every set of lights. always fill up at about 300 so i bever have to use reserve, I know someone who always gets to reserve then fills up, dunno why you would but to each his own.
  18. Riding up Maroondah Hwy, heading to Healsville. Low fuel light comes on. I've only done about 170km from a full tank so I thought "she'll be right - I'll get to the BP servo". 5 km down the road, in the middle lane & the bike cuts out. No warning, no nothing! Luckily, no ones in the left lane, so I indicate & coast into the Shell servo. No duck waddling req'd! Dunno why the light came on so early (although it was during the running in period & before my 1st service). Now it comes on after approx 220km.
    Ever since then, I always fill up around the 160-180km mark.
  19. Love it? My bike doesn't even have reverse :roll:

    oh wait, reserve... nevermind then :p(back in my box, ok ok)
  20. Pro tip: once your fuel light starts flashing you have about 50km before you're walking.