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The Hyosung GT250R... is it really THAT bad?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JenStarlette, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. This post is mainly aimed at the owners of the GT250R..

    I've just recently placed a deposit on one of these and am looking foward to spending a lot of time further developing my riding skills and also experiencing some more riding on the Hyosung but want to get a few things straight from some people who can more or less comment from genuine experiences.

    From what I can see there is a huge 50/50 opinion of the GT250R.

    Are they really THAT bad? Or is this just the worst of the worst stories surfacing to make the bike look like, well, a bucket of expensive sh*t?

    I understand that lemons can be bought, referring to a topic posted earlier (1st December by another Hyosung owner, and I do feel for the owner!) and that is understandably expected every now and then but surely the bike is not that bad?

    From what I have heard the front brakes can be a little shotty, the rear practically desintegrates upon minimal wear and parts needing replacement - most cases of which are under warranty. The Hyosung is reviewed to also be a little gutless in the 2nd gear, about 6000 - 7000rpm range - which is to be expected for a 250. Maybe?

    Before I go on, I just want to confirm with you that I have not heard of ALL of these problems happening within the lifetime of one particular bike, but being numerous problems appearing with different bikes from different owners.


    Lets hear it..

    Are they really that bad?

    Or have some unlucky people out of a largely increasing number of buyers just come accross a lemon?

    From other reviews that I have read myself and heard from fellow riders (some of which own a Hyosung or have just been doing the riding thing longer than me and have a bit of know how to back it up) is that the Hyosung isnt really that bad of a bike, with the exception it is only packs 249cc. Stating that it is actually, a good buy, considering what is available on the 250cc market. That is, purchasing brand new, ofcourse.

    Owners comments will be muchly appreciated :)
  2. Read this:


    I reckon they look great, but the old saying of "You get what you pay for" springs to mind with Hyosungs....

    Disclaimer: I have never ridden one, dont know anyone who owns one, I am basing my opinion on Hyundai cars vs Honda/Toyota.
  3. Jen did you take it for a test ride?

    I reckon you'll get bored of it like the Intruder - just judging by the way you ride.

    I hope you don't get served a lemon and the bike will last you until you get your R6.
  4. I referred to that post. as I mentioned, sounds like the poor guy got a lemon.

    Hyundai werent that bad of a car.. they're still on the road.. and in high numbers.. just because the car had some problems with a particular model, the whole name has a bad rep.

    I'm trying to find out off anyone who actually owns one what their opinions are and get to the real point of wether or not they are as bad as they sound..
  5. I had expectations from the cruiser to ride like a sports.. hence why I am now actually getting a sports and staying away from the cruiser.. scraping the pegs just gave me the sh*ts.

    Bring on the R6... Cant wait to see if they actually make the '08 model suitable for short little chickies like me :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. i can say that if it came round to me to buy another bike to start off with, i will buy the hyosung gt250r again. like all new bikes they have there teething problems. the brakes are just like they say a bit shitty but they still do the job when needed. the brakes would be the 1st thing you would upgrade if you dont like them. i've done 12,000kms on mine and they are still going good. so yer, in 12,000 kms i've only had i main problem which was a blown main fuse but apart from that all good. hope that helps
  7. Hey GOOSH, how does that compare to your 10 year old ZXR250? Would like to hear your opinion...
  8. I have this bike. I don't what people are talking about that bike, but I like it. Sometimes when the transmittion gets hot there is difficulties with changing gears, but thats ir. I ride the bike everyday to work and back and I like it. It is really good choice for new bike with warranty. I think older ones had just one disk brake on from, but news ones has 2 disks in from and the rpm problem is solved (at least mine was solved before delivering my bike)
    Go for it.


  9. what are you talking about, i don't own a 10 year old zxr 250. i own a 14 year old zxr750. yes a 750. where the hell did you get 250 from???
  10. I know two people who own one, one's only a few months old and no problems I know of, the other one is 18months, and they've had heaps of problems with it (cdi? or something) and they hate it
  11. I have the GT250, an even cheaper version :)

    What can I say, it works. I haven't had a problem with the bike and I do around 50-60K's a day on it... as I dont work for a company who sells Hyo's I have no idea of the failure rate compaired to other bikes... but my GT250 is going great guns.
  12. Well, Thanks guys.. Owners opinions are just what I was after.

    I have found it really hard to believe that a few horror stories were the end result of all Hyo's ever made.

    After discussing with a friend about her Hyo, yeah sure she had a few little hiccups, assuring me that the newer model will have filtered out these faults and should be running in better condition than the last.

    Lets hope all is well and she is right!
  13. Sounds like its seriously 'Luck of the Draw'...


  14. Oppsss... sowieee. looks like a 250 at the side.. my apology.
  15. I know a few people who have the Hyos of various models and whilst some have had minor problems, none have had what would be described as Lemons.

    As for the gt250r, I know of only one and while he did have a rear shock fail at 990kms it was replaced immediately by the dealer. Now, while some will call that a major problems, I am aware of 3 Daytona 675's where the rear shock has failed at similar mileage and I don't hear or read of people bagging them, so I would say it is not a major issue.

    Now I now of around 4 GT650 owners (all models) and all absolutely love the bikes and have had no issues with them 9accident damage aside).

    On top of that I know of one girl who raced a GT650 quite successfully without mechanical dramas but she has since upgraded to a CBR600RR since.

    All up in the limited experience I have with the bike (no rides but knowing riders) they are a good value for money prospect. Yes, it is likely that the brakes will need upgraded pad material but I remember seeing somewhere that the importer was doing that anyway and yep, maybe stiffer oil or springs at the front end may help.

    But before people tell you it is a bad bike, many people make these mods to many new bikes of varying cost.

    And as for the comparison people draw with Hyundai (have senn that line hashed to death in other forums) just remember that Hyundai have won international awards for the vehicles over many years.

    So enjoy the bike for what it is and do not try to over'ride it and you will have a ball until you get that R6 (by the sounds of it).

  16. There are many stories on these forums about Hyo's. Do a search and read them all.

    Very few problems with the 250's, the 650's seem to be more prone to trouble.

    If i was going through the learning process again, i'd buy a Hyo again for sure. My bike did have the infamous CDI problem with a flat spot on power around 5,000 RPM. Dealer just replaced the CDI unit, a 30 second job. Dealer told me none of the new ones have the problem anymore.

    People complain about the pads and/or disks. In reality they are fine. Every 250 i have ridden has had average stoppers. You can put better pads on if you really want, but the stock ones are up to the task.

    The only thing i dont like is the seat. I find it uncomfortable after more than 1hr of riding. Mind you that could be my boney little arse. Nothing that a cheap sheapskin cover doesnt fix.

    The OEM tyres are crap. No doubt about that. They are very hard, which on the plus side means they will last forever. Most people i know have put new tyres on after the first couple of services ie at around 8-10,000 kms. Pilot Powers are a popular choice but you can put anything on.

    good luck and enjoy the bike.
  17. just got mine a week ago and everything seems to be fine. the only thing was i went to do a tight turn right the other day and locked it up... lucky i didn't fall.. the next day i noticed that i had a little damage to my dash from the left handle bar lead knocking into the the rev thingy...
  18. Thankyou for your advice. Unbiased and honest.
  19. Love mine, no major dramas, normal things get replaced, 120kms everyday all weather, blah blah blah.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, I love my bike because it is my bike! I have mates with all kins of bikes and they all have normal wear and tear issues nothing less than mine.

    Go for it, great bike.
  20. I just traded my Hyo 650 for a Suzuki GSR a couple of weeks ago. The 650 was a good bike but like many of the cheaper bikes was let down by the suspension. I had a leaking fuel cock replaced under warranty and the rear disc was replaced at 6000km under warranty. The new disc was much better than the old one. It had no visiable wear after 1865km through the Snowys over the cup weekend. The 250 is a good looking solid bike. The brakes are the same as the 650 so are good on the 250 but a change to EBC pads will make a big differance.

    Goodck Matt'