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The Hyo that Could

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Siwagod, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. No doubt this bloke is a bloody good rider. But I can't believe he can get my bike to do this without falling apart.

    I am so filled with rainbows and happy right now.

  2. Jason Bourne can do ANYTHING.... hes like chuck norris but younger.
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  3. I'd never even heard of him until I just came across this vidya. I'll have to scope him out a bit more.
  4. you havent seen the bourne supremacy? the bourne identity the borne ultimatum... or whatever those documentaries are called?
  5. :banghead: I wonder how many times he's kissed the pavement trying.
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  6. Haha I just noticed his name is Jash, not Jason. Thought he lucked out in the name department! I love those movies.
  7. I just found his facebook. Plenty of injury photos haha. Lots on his hands and legs.