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The "Hurt Study"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mstamos, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. All bikers should read the full version of the 'Hurt' Study. In it 900 motorcycle accidents and 3 600 traffic accident reports were analysed.

    The link below gives a summary of the findings


  2. +1 to that. The Hurt Report was and still is, despite its age, the definitive look at motorcycles and motorcycle accidents.
  3. +1 STICKY

    Worth re-reading every time I come across it.

    I'll quote it for ease of access:

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  5. Note that #8 is right hand turn here in australia instead of left turn. Damn yanks drive on the wrong side....

    Note #16 as well... the average crash speed is under 30mph before the accident. That is to say 48kph.....

    So much for us bikies all being high speed hooligans eh?
  6. From the MAIDs summary. I for one will feel much safer when I'm on my full license and can afford (due to new P's rules) to go the speed of traffic rather than the posted limit.
  7. MAIDS: Main FIndings

  8. Although the Hurt report is dated 1990, I was surprised to find that when I ordered the Vicroads' "Road Safety Research Library", the lastest vicroads-comission report definitely outlining motorcycling as the purpose of the study is (correct me if I'm wrong) early 1980s. They just don't care anymore.....

    And also,

    Full faced helmets FTW!
  9. someone should tell the scooter patrol ...

    I recall a german study on helmet impact frequency by region found the chin areas were among the most often hit.
  10. I can vouch for that. I'd have no chin if I wasn't wearing a full face on my last spill... assuming I survived the head trauma.

    Great read, or re-read. Should be stickied somewhere - particularly good read for new riders.
  11. Agreed that Hurt is required reading for motorcyclists.

    It should be for road safety involved public servants as well.

    Sadly, there was only one of those in Australia who had read it and he resigned last year, at least partially due to the impenetrable willful ignorance of his colleagues on matters concerning motorcycles :wink:.

    And just to put the cat among the pigeons yet again, Hurt notes a marginal but positive safety benefit from filtering in traffic :roll: .
  12. Now THAT's interesting.
  13. Thanks mstamos, Interesting read .
  14. Yep ... Good read.