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The hunt for a new track bike begins!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Booth, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Well im starting to get itchy, and am searching for a track bike. Im having issues making my mind up on which way i should go.

    Im looking at a few bikes.

    Honda cbr250rr
    Aprilia rs250
    Yamaha r6/generic 600cc ss bike
    yamaha r1/generic litre bike
    Ducati 749
    honda 900 fireblade

    This bike, im basically going to treat as a write off. So...

    Honda cbr250rr - Im looking at this bike, basically, due to the fact, you can pick up something for around 5 grand, and thrash the pants off it, and sell it two years later, thanks to the learner market, and not lose much on it. Id imagine this is a very reliable and cheap to run bike, and might even serve as a commuter. My main issue with this bike would be can i get replacement plastics etc(cost?) and whats the cost of a complete rebuild? If anyone has any significant experience, can they let me know how the brakes, suspension and general trackability(new word?) of this bike.

    Aprilia rs250 - I kinda just looked at this because its in the same ball park cost wise as a cbr250rr. Well, its the bridge between the the cbr and the r6...I kinda like it for the same reason i hate it...i view it as, no matter how rooted this bike is...its only ever a rebuild away from new(engine wise). I hate the bike, because the way i intend to ride it, im looking at 5000km rebuilds. Ive heard there are issues with parts? This bike gives me a bit of wood though, the thought of drilling bigger bikes in the corners gives me a bit more wood than blasting the r1 esque bikes down the straight.

    r6/generic japanese middleweight - Enough said...would prefer a fuel injected model, which unfortunately puts me up there in price, unfortunately, its hard to justify popping 10 grand on a middleweight bike, when you can get an r1, for roughly the same price. Unfortunately, these bikes, seem to be the popular class at track days. Unfortunately, i have trouble justifying there expense, when realistically, the bigger litre bikes arnt that much more expensive.

    r1/generic japanese litre bike - Seems to be something im leaning towards, im prepared to throw out the fuel injection and just go for a carbed 98-2000 model, for under 10k, the larger engine seems to inspire a bit more when buying second hand.

    Ducati 749 - There are two other dukes in the garage at the moment, and id love to race one, unfortunately the initial cost, is whats drawing me off, for my intended use, there not really that bad service wise, and i can rest assured the engine has basically been built to be thrashed. I also value the superior suspension and braking that this bike has. Unfortunately i love ducati's and could find myself babying it.

    Honda 900 - There about 5-6 grand now...and i wouldnt mind dropping it. There quick in a straight line. My issue is corner speed.

    I spose in the end of it, im not against having a smaller capacity bike on a track day. Just looking for some opinions on which way to go.
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  3. Seems like an alright way to go, although if i was going to go the sv650, id just buy a monster 620 and put some clip ons and rearsets on it, to race in that class, and im in nsw, and im not sure if it rocks on here?
  4. You are right Booth, I didn't check your location. Maybe that class of racing is starting up in NSW some time.

    Part of the reason for suggesting an SV was that it would be cheaper to maintain and repair, if required. If you specify the bike is for racing, you can get a special price for the bike, down around $8,500 I think. Of course, then you need to add all the racing bits, but you could still be competing well for $15,000. I guess a second hand Monster could be cheaper. . .

    I would love a 749 track bike, but I would hate to bin it and pay for the repair!
  5. The sv650 interests me alot, simply because of its price.

    A few questions about it though!

    1) How good is the suspension/chasis?
    2) Brakes?
    3) Is the seating position sports, or sports tourer, i.e do i need some rear sets

    Im interested in just buying a 2nd hand one! There relatively cheap second hand. Thanks alot for your help man, given the price, i could see one making its way into the garage sooner rather than later!
  6. Well, I don't actually own or race one, so those questions are better answered by people who do both.

    Look for posts by cejay or Novacoder here and at http://www.svdownunder.com You will find some good stuff over there, like a debate about the front suspension, and the rules for modifications. Cejay could tell you what mods he has done to race his SV. Rearsets, suspension mods, exhaust, etc.

    The SV650 isn't a brilliant racing bike, but it is cost effective. The Twin Sprints racing is intended to be a production bike race, so not many mods are allowed. The idea is to win without having the best (most expensive) equipment available. :grin:

    Do your research though, especially before you buy, because if you are going to race an SV, Suzuki offer support via big discounts, as per the post I linked to above. A new SV with this racing discount will cost as little, or less, than a recent model second hand bike.

    Good luck. :cool:
  7. Hiya,

    To answer your questions:

    The suspension is pretty crap as standard but can be improved for not much dollar, brakes are 'ok' (it's all relative) and the seat position is really good (I'm talking about the 'S').....think old school sports bike.

    You can get more info from my race guide
  8. SV is a VERY popular track bike, mainly in the UK and more recently somewhat in US (growing market for SVs). Because of this there is a huge availability for aftermarket racing parts.

    The sv650s is between a sports tourer and a full race bike. Which is a good compromise and even for the track you wouldn't need to change it until you get really serious imo.

    The chasis is actually quite good, however the suspension is where they cut costs to make the bike cheap overall. 2003-2004 zx6r shocks can be stuck in without much effort, only need to trim a bit of the battery container - there are a few companies that make direct plug and play ones, ranging between 500-1200, and since I'm not racing I'd just be looking at a zx6r shock delivered from US for under 100.

    For the front end you could (and I am going to) change the springs, oil and get some gold valves and emulator stuff.

    For brakes I'd immediately put braided lines on (and I am), and then put some higher quality brake pads in there. This will improve things ALOT.

    I picked up my 02 sv for VERY cheap ($5k in good condition), and I've spent 800 so far on a slipon, some bling, race filter, etc. (see my garage page). Ebay is your friend! FYI the 03 model is the first with the FI, and you can pick one up for low 6 to mid 7k, depending on kms.
  9. Unless you want to race, bollocks to the SV as a track bike!

    If you can find a good RS250, you'll be on a machine that can do absolutely stunning times in the right hands - it's almost a purebred racebike with mirrors on, and is capable of things in the corners that very little short of a GP bike can do. 5000km between rebuilds will get you through a fair few track days if you're not road-riding it too. Dunno how much they'd be, maybe look for one that's been raced?

    Otherwise I'd be looking for a track hack 600 - gixxer, r6, honda, whatever, that's been set up for it already. You can find them for as little as $4k with all the road gear off and pre-glassed ready to rumble. Nice non-threatening throttle means you'll get on it quicker and make up seconds on the bigger boys.
  10. +1

    rebuilds aren't hard and there are a fair few race prepped ones around

    there are also plenty of track bikes on http://www.formula-xtreme.com.au/

  11. :LOL: That's what I was thinking.

    A gixxer, R6, CBR, ZXR will give you a bike capable of running fast all day at the track with little to no mods at all. Stacks of spares around. Better resale as they are a more in demand bike. And if you are fast enough, capable of going alot faster than an SV will. SV is great in it's place amongst other SV's imho. If you want a bike to see how fast you can go, get one of the fastest bikes around a track.

    And as you can see by my thread above, not too expensive to get a late model in good condition either.
  12. Thanks so far guys.

    Your help has narrowed my list and what i would pay for one.

    rs250 - 5000
    cbr250rr - 5000
    sv650 - 5-6

    The rs250, because its hot...and having a bike that i wont have to replace as i get better, strikes me as a good idea. Downside is still the rebuilds. My dad is a mechanic, but too lazy too do rebuilds all the time, and i have no idea about it, maybe a netrider "teach booth how to rebuild his two stroke" is in order if i can find one.

    The cbr because it would be handy to have as a commuter too...arguably the cheapest one to run. And i would like to have a spare bike for track days, so when i get passed the 250, i can just lend it to a mate/my dad and we can track day it together. Downside is the cost...f u learner market!!!

    And the sv650s is starting to take my interest, because of its cost. I think im going to have sit on an sv650, to see if it floats my boat.

    Its pretty hard competition between the 3 bikes. Ultimately this comes down to the right bike at the right price.
  13. I got a RGV very similar to rs250 enginewise. Rebuilds are easy, i got a top end rebuild down to under 4hrs and about $300. The rs250 is a good bike, adjustable suspension f+r. lots of power mods, weight reduction mods.

    Cbr250. I dont think they are great trackbikes. Its not really designed for it. Plus having a top speed below 170 will drive u crazy. Plus there old, the suspension is usually very tired, along with the engine.

    Sv650, Seen a few at trackdays, and i must say some people get around fair quick on them. Lots of mods available. But i am with loz, u might aswell get the usually I4 trackie (cbr, r6).
  14. Except for the fact that a vtwin would be alot more forgiving and easier to learn to ride fast on (imo).
  15. . . . and that there is a race class you could compete in, and be competitive without too much effort.
  16. Buy the best one that you can afford
  17. Im going to investigate the sv650, at the moment, im more orientated to just doing track days, than racing. The aprilia is taking the lead, but its tough finding one on the cheap.
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  19. As a newbie, I'm reluctant to give advise - especially for a bike that seems to go a little against this sites grain........BUT, have you considered a motard?

    Excellent if you're not too experienced, a real hoot for cornering, peanuts to patch if you have an off, you'll soon be ripping shreds off most would-be racers in litre bikes on the tighter tracks (Oran, Wakefield), if your old man's a mechanic he can do the oil changes for you?

    Almost impossible to highside. Cheap to buy, excellent resale.

    Down side is that they're viewed a little dimly by the sportsbike fraternity where it's all about kw (LOL me included I suppose).

    Good luck anyway.