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The Hun on it's latest sensationalistic crusade

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. A MAN has been stabbed in broad daylight in central Melbourne as the city's knife culture rages out of control

    screams the first line of this article.

    The City's knife culture rages out of control. Oh FFS please spare me such drivel! :roll:

    This newspaper is just getting worse. They latch onto a topic and then proceed to try and cause as much panic in the population as they can eg, speeding, alcopops, late night violence in Melbourne, 'hoons' (God I hate that word) etc etc. The really bad part is that so many people get caught up in this sensationalistic journalism and swallow it all.

    Nothing actually changes. People have been getting stabbed since Adam was a boy. People have always been fighting when they get pissed in the city and teenagers will always find a way to get drunk. When the Herald Sun reports it though you'd swear our society was about to collapse.

    Oh and don't even try and get a comment published on the article that critizises it in any way...

    IMO it's shit reporting like this that helps feed the over-regulating of our country.

    Anyway, rant over.
  2. well, it got you talking about it, thats all that matters to them regardless if its shit reporting or not, best source of advertising is our mouths, media has sent people to jail, made people lose their jobs, put people in depression, ill even go on the record and say they have killed people also (not them personally), u think they care?
  3. I could be just one of the gullible ones that you're describing Dougz, but it does seem like more people are getting glassed these days. Bring back the biff?
  4. More systema and krav maga training will remedy this.

    If everyone is a kickass russian or israeli warrior, the crims will not want to pick a fight. It sure would suck to get stabbed or shot with your own weapon :LOL:
  5. It'd be even worse to spend years and $10k on krav maga lessons and get destroyed by a lucky strike trying to play hero.

    Bring back concealed carry permits.

  6. :shock:
  7. Stop reading that trashy tabloid gutter rag, and the problem will go away.
  8. ^^^
  9. I mean it.
  10. #10 DarkHorse, Jun 1, 2009
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  11. oooooh that "The Hun"... nevermind
  12. I had exactly the same thought :p
  13. Knife crime in the UK is a huge problem, not sure about it here though.
  14. Forgive the ignorance; when was this permit? Is this permit for firearms?
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concealed_carry

    A concealed carry permit is for all those Americans and wanna-be Americans who still think it's the wild wild west, and believe they would be safer on the streets if your average irrational stupid short-tempered white male was packing a Gloch 26 in his trousers. :roll: :roll: :roll:

  16. Well said Speed.
  17. While we're being irrational, lets make national service mandatory.
    Oh...wait...in eruo countries where it's mandatory the general crime rights lower. Hmmm. damn pesky white males.
  18. How is that irrational Liquidity?
  19. Which reminds me. You going to Maxim's seminar? pm me if you want some details mate.
  20. Err, we've never had CCW over here. If I was in the states I'd probably carry too. Not saying their level of handgun violence isn't disgusting, but you have to adapt to your environment.

    But in Australia, dumbest thing ever.

    Shit seems to be getting worse these days. Dunno if it's because I'm of the age that gets exposed to it more, or it's just the reporting.