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The hubless monster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. A friend told me about this bike a while ago. Thought I'd share it.
    The wheels work on bearings so the rim does not spin.
    The rear wheel is not driven by a chain or belt, instead it works on friction drive. So its like a drive shaft that spins a tyre against the rear wheel..Kinda like how a ferris wheel engine works..if u an imagine that.


    http://www.revmavault.com/video/hubless web.wmv


  2. words almost fail me

    what is a moster??

    why can't you post a link that works?

    who taught you to spell, or type??
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  4. What the hell is your problem?
    Are you seriously gonna have a sook 5 mins after I post it to correct the post...sheez, god forbid anyone on this forum DARE make a mistake..

    I've corrected the post before you get your knickers in a knot!
    It is Sunday night 11.30, I didnt think I'd have the entire forum waiting, hanging for this post....

  5. i reckon it looks shit, dont like it
  6. lol that's awesome.

    I agree, **** off spelling police.
  7. Say what you will, but that bike is F**KING AWESOME
  8. :? Touch a nerve, did we?

    If you want people to read what you post, you need to communicate your message. A link that doesn't work and an incomprehensible thread title is not the way to to do it.

    As for spelling police, well, if you don't like people policing your spelling, get it right in the first place.
  9. would be handy target practice as it went past. interesting but not my thing.. i just love cleaning chains.
    as for spelling.. i personally would love spell check on here..
    wow i just wrote a whole post with no mistakes. :wink:
  10. bugger the sledging ... the post is about the bike

    im not a massive fan of cruisers not to mention choppers, and the guy on it looks more cramped than i do on my 250.

    the hubless wheels though are nuts. they looks space age. i wonder if theyre any good to use :?

    his forks are almost touching the ground and i cant image that thing leaning over very far before hes scraping the exhaust, engine etc ...

    they do however look pretty wicked / original so good on the bloke

    the 500 back tyre is a bit much though
  11. This particular motorcycle looks like crap to me, but designers out there seem to showa fair bit of interest in hubless wheels - it would appear they offer some real advantages over the conventional design, though my little brain doesn't quite comprehend how or why... I'm still trying to work out how does the power get to the back wheel - could somebody explain that to me please?
  12. Ok. So its called Friction drive.
    A smaller wheel is connected to the drive shaft, which spins, that wheel is touching the main wheel and it spins off the friction caused by the first wheel spinning...

    If you have ever seen a car on a dyno its the same thing. The car's engine turns the wheels, the wheels are on rollers on the dyno and cause it to spin, the spinning, speed of spin, power etc then feed into the dyno machine to report power and speed, amongst other metrics.

    Its a very old technology thats been around for years. You will see alot of rides at luna park and stuff that work like that.
    I hope that makes sense.
  13. Oh, like these add-on engines for pushbikes that power the wheel through a roller? The ones that are inefficient to begin with, lose most power in the wet because the roller loses traction on wet tire, and shred tires the rest of the time? *This* is that new solution that is all the rage?!? They've got to be kidding!

  14. Yeah its a true stroke of genius isn't it?

    I think there are only 2 groups of people who would like the idea:

    -Chopper owners, most of them barely ride their bikes, and they do not make much power so shredding the wheels is not much concern.
    -Tyre manufactures, for their business will skyrocket with people chewing out tyres twice as fast.
  15. Reminiscent of Honda's V4 concept

  16. its got 21 gears dammit.. thing MNUST be fast :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Looks very nice. It is impractical as all hell, but if you look at choppers, really, there's only so many variations of the same idea. Just hate to imagine the power loss from the massive bearing races required. (19 inch roller bearings?) :shock:
  18. Excuse the obviousity of my mechanical illiteracy, but...

    where are the front brakes? 8-[
  19. Who cares - Brakes only slow you down! :cool: