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The 'how to change your stator' thread. (CBR929)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fekkinell, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. So... the stator died about two months ago and kindly threw about a bajillion volts into the reg/rectifier as it did. Toasted both of them and literally burnt out the plug connecting the two. I scrimped and saved and ordered the parts from a company in California who specialise in bike electrics and could provide both parts new, for the same price as just the stator from Honda. The parts arrived today, so I attacked the bike with gusto.

    Step One: Remove all plastic shiny bits. Here's one I prepared earlier.

    Step Two: Remove stator cover, forgetting that oil is going to come out because the bike is tilted over further than when you had the cover off a few weeks ago while checking that the old stator was indeed fried. (Yes... I'm using a regulator as a chock for the stand... I'm an innovator.)

    Step Three: Drool over shiny new parts.

    Step Four: Bolt shiny new parts, to greasy old stator cover, making sure that the wire is tucked firmly behind the holdermajigger so that it doesn't get damaged by the spinny thing of doom.

    Step Five: Take more shiny plastic bits off to get to the old regulator.

    Step Six: Mr Sheen the dirty metal you find under there and attach new regulator.

    Step Seven: See image for step one, and bolt the stator cover back into place. (You're meant to install a new gasket while you're at it... but I forgot to buy one... so I used permatex aviation form-a-gasket in the meantime)

    Step Eight: Plug the two new parts together, and then into the bike itself, while holding the camera perfectly steady and not blurring the picture at all.

    Step Nine: Bolt all the shiny bits back on, fill with premium, go on a short test ride via Yarra Glen, Healesville, The Black Spur, etc.

    Step Ten: Pour a wine and eat a pizza.

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  2. while technically a great review and 'blow by blow' on [how to] the missing essential of the 'blonde bomshell' walking round with the 'step plackard' would have sealed the deal, say in time lapse? for future projects maybe :)
    alll shit aside, well done!
  3. Alas I have recently become single, so the placard wielding bombshells are few and far between. ;)
  4. Any special tools needed?
  5. Nope. Just an 8mm socket to remove the cover, 10mm (i think) to remove the wire clamp, and an allen key to remove the stator itself. The only catch is that even with the bolts removed, the magnets put quite a bit of force on the cover and hold it in place. Just give it a decent pull and it'll come free. Also, the fuel tank was undone to access the plugs. You don't need to remove it fully, just slip it to one side a fraction. ;)

    Edit: A multimeter also comes in handy if you want to inspect the components and connections properly before hitting the go button.