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The Hornet's back....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bangalla, Sep 19, 2007.

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  2. O frabjous joy, calloo callay, break out the streamers and bunting.

    Come hell or high water, this is going to be my next bike.

    {Big kudos to Tash for her persistent nagging, too!!}
  3. i thought this thread was about Paul, and I wondered where he'd gone, he was here just a minute ago
  4. Midsize nakeds rock...I need another one.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I think I just changed my mind on what to get as an upgrade when i can...

  6. Did the guy that designed the kawasaki ER6N head light and speedo cover ,move to Honda. :? .

    I like the bike ,but the front speedo ,just looks crap ,but I would need a screen and if they made a nice sleek one that hides it ,I'll put it on my list. :)

    So if you can get a hornet 900 for $11,000 ride away ,what are these worth ????.
  7. By all early accounts this model is an excellent riding bike, and a step forward...
    ... but that front styling!!!
    I mean, C'MON! I say this as the owner of a determinedly ugly bike - it needs a bag over it's head :eek:
  9. 600 rr engine/re designed chassis and stance+been holding out for a fair few years..whats the bet these will be 15k in the shop..better off with the 900 :cool:
  10. Better off with the Street Triple. :p
  11. They will have to be way under 15k. The Suziki GSR is only $9990 and the ER6 is about the same money. It is not 5k better than a GSR or ER6. How well will they sell in our market? Seems us Aussies just can't get enough litre + bikes. It is a shame as you can have alot of fun on a 600cc naked. I just love my GSR.
  12. Who would have thought that e-mailing a motorcycle company continously for 12 months would pay off!!!!!!!!!!

    fcuk YEAH!!!

    i recon in 6 months we'll be selling a Honda Cb1300 and buying one of these & becoming a 2 hornet household!
  13. +1 to that.

    The weight increase to go to the 900 is only about 15 kg and if you want to spend a few $ you could change the configuration of exhaust etc etc.

    Why spend excess $ on basically a blinged up current 600???? But she still looks fine :LOL:

    I suppose this will all become clear when they release onto the aussie market with rrp.
  14. If anyone thinks that Honda, who are the market leaders and have made the odd bike or two, is going to pitch this important bike into the market at an unrealistic price, then please report somewhere for a reality check.

    C'mon people, debate and opinion is one thing; crazy assertions is another altogether.
  15. sigh - in the most recent BIKE magazine, it was rated the no 9 bike of 2007.

    yes the street triple has more cubes, but that means 1) higher insurance 2) not LAMS compatible, where this can be sold in a restricted version, 3) the street triple has those ugly headlights

    the 2007 model isn;t just 'blinged up'.

    it has a larger tank capacity, is fuel injected, comes with an ABS option, has USD forks, and has a much better engine than the old one.

    If anything happened to my hornet i'd buy one in a flash.

    Just got off the phone to the BF - he will most certainly sell his CB1300 and buy a Hornet 6 when they're released.
  16. Agreed. But what I think they might do is drop the 900, in effect replacing it with the new 600. For Honda to be selling the 900 at $12K suggests they got something wrong and are not moving as many as they expected.
    I believe there are a lot of people out thare that just want the 600 model and don't believe that 900 is right for them.
    If that's the case, the big H will be able to move the 600 at something close to the current price for the 900 - so long as the 900 isn't there to complicate the marketing.
    Wait and see.
  17. they recently updated the honda website to include the newest Hornet 9, so I doubt it will be dropped in a hurry
  18. was told by the dealer that the 07 model 900 would be the last,was also told that the new 600 hornet wont be making it here in oz so yeah fuk him :LOL: 15k for the new 600 is not un realistic..they do need too make some coin on this bugger..im sure in the next year it will drop down possibly :p
  19. i have no idea where people are getting the fact it 'will' cost $15k from.
    no price has been announced AT ALL.
    and it's not due out till 2008 anyway.