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The holy grail of footware

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kinch, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. I need a new pair of shoes. I'm replacing my old sneakers which have fallen apart (literally). What I'm looking for is the ideal combination of comfort (for wearing all day/walking around work, home, shops, beaches etc), waterproof or water resistance, reasonable looks (I'm not a big fan of the calf-high monster boot), protection (touch wood), and practicality (ie. not needing to carry a separate pair of shoes with me for when I'm not riding).

    In short, I'm looking for something that is comfortable like an ordinary shoe, but will be good for riding, while keeping my feet dry if I should get stuck in a storm.

    Does this holy grail exist? If so, is it available in Aus? What about purchasing online from overseas, I'm a little way of doing that and not getting the size right. Is there any good shops in Brisbane with a good range so I can actually go in and try them on myself?

    Thank you.
  2. It will not be comfortable for all day wear due to lack of air circulation.

    Check out http://www.newenough.com/, they have sizing information and comments about the fit which I found very helpful.
  3. Just buy something with ankle protection (aka cant walk in) and a backpack to put your normal shoes in. Safer on bike, more comfortable off bike.
  4. Falco axis boots..............
  5. Not exactly riding boots but you may find something here thats suitable for your needs.... LEGEAR

    I've got a pair of waterproof Magnum boots and they are comfortable and definitely waterproof.
  6. Everyone weighs safety against comfort to different ratios and reasoning. I began my search for the "ideal" all-purpose boot and ended up with a really comfortable shin-high Gaerne G.IKE boot that is made specifically for motorcycle protection. It doesn't protect against twisting and so is a compromise. I also wear draggin cargos and they are also a compromise.

    There are people who don't really consider safety, or they view it in terms of low risk likelyhood of coming off the bike. They wear whatever, or just a helmet and regular clothes.

    At the other end of the scale you have those who won't wear anything other than the best protection money can buy. Full leathers, race spec boots with 'real' ankle twist protection, back-protectors and more. They change out of this when they get to work, or wear it around when they get to the shop (if they don't also have a car).

    It is easy to find a great shin-high boot that you can wear around all day, day after day, year after year. My Garene boots are like this:


    Also, there are plenty of posts about boots. In the end, you have to try them on and gauge how you can accommodate safety first into your life. The more safety, the better. I guess the question should be, what is the safest protective solution and how much do I want to move away from it?

    People often look at the statistics of risk. But, really, it comes down to one's own personal feeling about risk. I guess you have to ask yourself "do I feel lucky, today?". Roll that dice.