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The holiday fuel gouge is on, what did you pay

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Filled the bikes tank yesterday, premium is usuall $1.27 to $1.30

    But yesterday it was $1.50 per litre thats in mittagong a jump of over 20cents per litre.

    Just interested in what others paid and how much of a jump it is in the annual rip off they will blame on the singapore price or some other rubbish
  2. all my vehicles are parked till DD's are over :)
  3. Many people have that idea, i had deserted roads yesterday, even the police had boxing day off
  4. It could be argued that the price is simply returning to "normal" after a long period of heavy discounting.

    Of course I reckon the only reason they discount the price in the months leading up to the summer is to get away with higher prices when they know people are travelling and don't have a choice on where to fill up.
  5. One of These


    and one of these


    Thankfully not one of these

  6. actually i filled up yesterday and paid LESS than i did for the previous tankful about a week ago (a difference of around $6 :eek: )
  7. $1.50 on Thursday before the Old Pac Fang.
    Not fukcing happy Jan.
  8. I paid $1.36 on Friday for plain old Unleaded.
  9. I paid 145.9 on Friday for PULP. $60 got me just over half a tank for the car...GRRRR!
  10. yup, the car's gone back onto regular for the holidays instead of premium.
  11. 153.9 last Monday or Tuesday for premium.
  12. no fuel for me, at home and walk.
  13. $1.32 in Gippsland.

    Listening to the media "analysts", they claim that due to Coles and Woolworths owning around 65% of the retail business and how they crank up the price of juice in order to cover the cost of shopper dockets.

    Also, due to the northern hemisphere freeze the demand for oil is high, so the price goes up, so they say.

    Whatever, I'm just thankful that we're not paying Euro prices.
  14. I filled my cage up a month ago, and had to pay $1.50 for premium, because i wasnt putting e10 in... (engine hates it - would otherwise burn through it fast enough that the water attracting properties arent an issue) what a motherfarking joke!
  15. At this rate, we will see similar prices in under a decade.
  16. Similar prices to what the Euros pay now or what they will be paying in a decade?
  17. Similar prices to what they pay now ;). But I am sure there will be a point where everyone pays the same amount.
  18. 122.9 around the outer western suburbs today.
  19. Premium 141.9 when I filled up this evening.
  20. I haven't paid more than $1.39.9 for 98 premium at my Mobil station in Kirrawee. In fact, I think every time I have filled up this week, the price has not changed. It's an ok price I believe.

    If I cross the bridge to Menai fuel has been up to 13 cents per litre more.