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The Highside Times

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kranzy, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hmm, well..... Hello all, i'm currently writing to you one handed from my wheelchair.....
    200 metres from home on cold tyres I managed to highside my baby and break my foot, my arm and also my finger, it was low speed but i still managed to do a fair bit of damage to the bike, mainly fairings and stuff but handlebar and footpeg also.
    The lesson learned is that if I feel like I should not be riding, I won't. see, I was really sick before i got on it... vomitting no sleep night before etc etc, so please if my experience teaches you anything if you dont feel you should be riding DON'T!!!!!! Needless to say, even tho I tried... I still never actually made it to work that day lol

    Any thought/suggestions on wreckers/insurance from people would be great too as i still can't decide whether to make a clain thru swann and hurt my rating or to fix it myself so any advise would be good. Cheers all and, Keep safe.

  2. Pictures and more about the incident will get you more info.

    Bugger about the spill man.
  3. Not good at all mate, but you've at least taken away some good learning from it (it's VERY expensive when you pay for the lessons and still don't learn- I had to repeat 'don't ride when your head's not in it' classes twice; And I had to do 'Cold Tyres 101' several times!)

    Probably not worth a claim if you can avoid it.
  4. Bugger, glad to hear you not to bad.

    well you've just answered my question. I've got a dose of the flu but still wanting to ride, think I might wait a few more days.
  5. Thats very sensible.. yeah I ride in anything, funny thing is the conditions were great, i was going easy and slow but my head wasn't in itand this is what i get. it's my own fault so i'm all good about it but please, if your heads not in it, don't do it!!!
  6. Sorry about the accident bro, i had oa off one time because i wasnt in the right frame of mind, i was running late, hurrying to get somewhere and not thinking about "riding" Crashed the bike, shattered my elbow, off the road for 6mnths. Good lesson learned :wink: now i always have a clear and focused mind
  7. fcuk dude, not good! :shock: Hope you heal real quick with no repercussions. The main thing is your here to tell the story. The whole not in the "right frame of mind" is so true. Days when i was a motorcycle courier and did'nt have a good vibe in the morning ( due to bad dream the night before or something ) went out to throw a leg over the bike and would'nt start! :roll: Spent the day fixing it and later heard from work that one of the bikes came down real hard. :shock: could of easily been me. Just like topgun when "maverick" could'nt re engage until his head was in the right place! same thing. take it easy, and heal and rest well. :cool: :cool:
  8. ..

    so how did you actually do it though?
    being an asshat? or just coming round a bend?

    I almost high sided myself a few weeks ago with a big twist of the throttle on cold tyres and then doing the dumb thing and closing the throttle.. big step out huge head shakes and a huge gouge outta my leg through kevlar pants from where my leg smashed into the side of the engine...... stayed on.. don't ask me how though...

    hehe don't be silly on cold tyres i learnt :D
  9. Thats really not good. We were looking forward to seeing you at Saturday night coffee again soon! Well, you were thinking about upgrading soon....
    Hope youre up and about asap

    Kate ( new 600 gixxer girl :) )
  10. Shit. Bad luck mate. Hope the breaks arent too bad.

    I'm limping from a 80km/hr highside last saturday where my bike actually ran over me after catapulting me over the bars. Just got some really nasty bruising though. Luck of the draw, and a reminder that it's a dangerous activity.
  11. yeah i'd like to upgrade, but now with lost wages and all this other jazz....
    Yeah I wasn't being silly or anything but just out my door on a right left wiggle it started to slide (as i've done countless times before) and silly me, not being with it just closed the throttle a bit much and it just spat me off!! :( oh well, just miss riding already, i normally do it every day!!

    Thanks all for your best wishes too, it's much appreciated. Might try and hitch a lift into a sat night again when i'm out of the chair and at least on crutches...
  12. Bad luck buddy! I hope your recovery is fast. As for your bike, I would say ask VTRbob if he knows where to get all the bits for your beast. Look at the job he did with Miniga!! :shock:

    That dude has some talent in finding all the parts and rebuilding in record time! But your time line for the repair isnt required as fast as that. Thats my vote anyhoo........ :grin:
  13. Damn, shit of a thing to happen. At least you're relatively okay, just on the mend for a few weeks. Where did it happen? Burwood/dorset/ftgroad?
    Well, streetfighter time! (Next year you can do the Icicle Without fairings!!! :twisted:)
  14. Bloody hell, heal up soon mate, that looks like a nasty one. That's a serious chunk out of the frame, I'd get that looked at first before buying parts or anything.
  15. Frame doesn't look that bad. As long as it hasn't broken through then it should be able to be filled fairly easily. It does seem like a fair amount of damage - not all bad but has just damaged a lot of parts like front nose faring, two side fairings, mirror, screen, maybe handle bar (couldn't quite tell) probably right hand grip/accelerator sleeve, bar end, rear brake mount, fuel tank, and probably scratched up the exhaust. Maybe if you get some quotes first then you can work out if they will write it off which might be easier if you want to upgrade soon. Otherwise you could probably fix it yourself for between $1000-$2000 and still have a bike that is probably worth less when you come to sell it.

    If it was me then I would probably claim it on insurance.
  16. Yeah its small damage, but over many parts, which is what worries me, my main concern with insurance is... i'm rating 2 now so if i make this claim, where will that take me??

    Haha I was tempted for the streetfighet approach too but i just can't help it, i love fairings too much, especially after the icicle ride!! :p

    It happened in ftg on allora rd, which is just off napoleon rd...
  17. Sorry to hear about the accident znark, but glad you are here to tell the tale. :shock:
    It looks as though you sustained as much damage as your bike, at least you're smiling in the hospital pic!

    What gear were you wearing?
  18. Rjays evo jacket with full armour,
    matching rjays pants with full armour,
    rst carbon knuckled gloves (which split at the seams at point of impact)
    Shark RSR2 helmet, which hit the deck pretty hard, and which i barely felt, when i can afford another lid the same, i will be doing so as its comfort was fantastic and now that i know it passes the ultimate test i'm very satisfied with it!! :)
    now, the only thing i was not wearing was proper protective boots, i was just wearing elastic side steel toed work boots. So that's the only area i could have possibly improved upon but really, i'm very satisfied that what i was wearing helped to no end... Good thing i suit up correctly every day huh, not just those quick weekend blasts!!!
    I came off with no additional bruising/abrashions either but i know at least my jacket has some damage but the full extent of which i have not yet inspected, but it's held up superbly as far as the initial inspection tells me.
    Good gear's expensive yes, but realistically, it's priceless!