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The High Cost of Repairs

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Highett, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. I had a collision with a Red Kangaroo on the Silver City Hwy in the wee hours of the morning about 12 months back, I was not injured and did not come off, the damage to the bike was all plastic and brackets, once all the lose bits were secured with tape I got going again and about a hour down the road a second roo came out of the dark colliding with my mid right side, again no injury and stayed upright, my right side pannier was torn off and went bouncing down the road.

    I put the pannier back on the bike and it was clear that it would not stay put because front upper hanger was ripped off by the impact, so I taped the holes and used a strap to secure it to the bike and headed for home, it was a rough night and a long day.

    My bike repair was well over $14,000.00, other than brackets, Right side pannier, Head lights , Ram air intake, Indicators and plastic fairing there was no structural damage.

    Every screw, rivet and washer was on the parts list, you would think it would come as a kit, Left side fairing kit, Right side fairing Kit etc and would contain all the necessary bits.

    Just glad I was insured.





  2. wowsers, lightning DOES strike twice

    yep, as I always say, if you can't afford to insure it, you can't afford to ride it, thanks for the cautionary tale.....
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  3. Wow! Glad you're ok! what is it with roos and running into headlights / loud noises? Did they just hop off or did the impact smack it down?
  4. I had plenty of light out front but these both came out of the darkness on the right side at full hop, They were right on me when I saw them.
    I had no option but to lean into them and take the hit.

    First one at 110kmh, killed him on impact, body in the front right quarter and the head wrapped around the front taking out the headlights, the impact threw the body about 10mts, the roo landed in the gravel on the side of the road.


    Second one at 80kmh, bit smaller, head first just behind my leg and killed on impact.


    Bike would not have swerved anymore than a meter off course on impact on both hits, no tank slapping.
  5. A $14k repair bill on a bike with no structural damage and engine and major mechanicals being ok is a absolute laugh IMHO. Some rip off merchant cleaned up with that one. I'm dumbfounded how u hit that solid roo at 110 kph and didnt come off. Top job glad your ok
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  6. That said, the result would have been far different had the bike been a 250 or a 600 or the like.....
  7. That's amazing! those things even at that size, I'd assume is pretty solid!!
  8. Yes it was expensive and most people including the bike shop thought it would be written off by the insurer.

    Kawasaki shop said it was the biggest repair that they had ever done.

    There was a 4 page list of parts, radiator was dented but not leaking and was replaced, the insurer approved the repair and all the additional stuff they found during the repair.

    I can thank the stainless steel mesh guard on the radiator for being able to ride home as a piece of bracket from the headlight assemble was embedded in it, had i not fitted the radiator guard then the radiator would have been pierced.

    They put the bike back to how it was and done a very good job of it.

    The 1400 GTR is not a small bike, I was fully loaded and carrying extra fuel as well so with my added weight I recon the over all weight would have been close to half a tonne.
  9. Manufacturers will make most of their money on spare parts. Insurance is the problem because their is a disconnect with people who ultimately pay the price (the policy holders) and who actually pays the price for the parts.

    If there was no insurance, there would be more shopping around for parts and therefore prices would come down (supply and demand).

    Of course new bike prices would probably go up to ensure profits remained for manufacturers.
  10. I doubt there is much resale value in a writen off 1400 gtr.
  11. Manufacturers don't want to keep spare parts. Full stop. So they put the prices way up, encourage the after-market to take over, and laugh all the way to the bank with new bike sales.

    Parts. This means warehousing, inventory, and a LOT of money tied up in inventory that may never sell. They keep what they are legally obliged to, and not much more.

    Then someone like Highett comes along. The dealer prices up the cost of repair, and everyone figures insurance will write off the bike due to value of repair ratio against salvage value of bike. But the insurance company can't get bugger all salvage value for THIS bike, because all the good money making bits (for the wrecker) are bruck.

    New bikes are transitory stock. The manufacturer and distributors don't have to hang on to them for long, because dealers are usually pretty keen to buy them, to get stock on the floor.

    But parts. They have to spend the money to buy them (money which they probably have to borrow and pay interest etc on), then sit the items on the shelves for month after month after year after year....

    Example - Jeep I used to own. Wrangler. Headlight got hit by a stone. Standard Hella round light, same Hella part number as the Jeep item. From Repco at full retail was under $100 at the time. Jeep price. $880. So Jeep CAN sell one and meet their legal obligations for parts support, but if you buy one elsewhere, they win.
  12. Two roos in one night and your here to tell the tale without any major injury...

    Did you buy a lotto ticket the next day?
  13. Mate , respect ! Now I'm not having a go , but I have to ask , what were you doing riding this road at that time of night ? I used to be a sales rep and did this trip every 4 months or so , it's well known as being a bad road for wildlife at night .

  14. If that is the case why can i go to Honda and get any spare part for any bike they have ever made and if it isn't in the country it is quickly shipped in a 2-4 weeks from Japan?

    The manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for parts because they can, as insurance is often footing the bill, and quite simply everything is proprietary I paid $60 for a thermistor for a '99 VTR1000... what choice do I have it's not something you can just buy off the shelf and fit to any bike.

    option A: insurance repairs bike manufacturer profits.

    option B: insurance declares bike a total loss, you buy a new bike manufacturer profits
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  15. Crazy story, man! Does your bike have a name? I suggest Roo Hammer.

    It's a crazy amount. It may even be a rip off (but that's how the system works). It isn't extraordinary, though. You're looking at thousands for the genuine bodywork alone. Just for parts. No labour. Highett says he had 4 pages of parts. Probably hundreds in nuts and bolts alone!
  16. I think his luck was used up.
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  17. No offence taken, I do understand your point.

    One of the things I like doing is long distance riding (FarRiders & IBA),

    The IBA are serious long distances and are certified rides in a set time frames,

    You can not do these LD rides with out riding through the night.

    Planning is a big part in avoiding bad areas , no one likes hitting wild life but it does happen occasionally.

    I have been riding for a long time and this was my first wild life collision, two in the one night 80 ks apart. it happened, I just moved on.

  18. Wow. I'd love to know who approved that bill. Was it insured for an agreed value? Surely market would be under 14k?

    Good job holding it togeather.
  19. Agreed value $25,000
  20. Ah , I wondered whether it was a FarRider type ride . Did you know Dave 'Davo' Jones (RIP) ? I never met him but used to really enjoy his occasional articles in ARR magazine , in particular his 6 day run from Cape Byron to Steep Point WA and back on the (then) new GTR 1400 . Amazing !