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The helmet warehouse massive clearance sale this weekend

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by goz, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Just a heads up if u dont already know, The helmet warehouse is putting on a massive clearance sale this weekend,

    Ill just put up the ad from the website here so i dont have to type it out, if its against rules then delete :)

    I'll be camping out till they open lol, time for a new shoei

  2. I've just sent this link to my friend who bought Dazzler's VTR-250; the bike is on its way but he needs to buy a set of gear; thanks for flagging this :).
  3. thanks for sharing!
  4. Anybody been today yet? Did they have any riding jeans/cargos on sale?
  5. ye i went today, didnt see the price of the kevlars, they did have them though, i bought my helmet and gloves, bloody cheap to, top bunch of guys working there also, i dealt with mark, if u go there check out his track bike in the shop, noice, also had good prices on 1 piece leathers. had a few shark helmets going at 100 odd bux, i ended up buying an AVG, couldnt be happier
  6. where the hell is yagoona....?

    oh rite sydney

  7. It was a big enough sale, sadly they didn't have anything my size in gloves (medium) and only 1 leather jacket that wasn't in a colour I was after.

    Still, managed to pick up a helmet for only $75 and some gloves for someone else so was worth the trip.

    Also, with the leather jacket, one of the store guys offered to call around and see if they had one in another warehouse and to honour the same rate for me and ship it tomorrow. Unfortunately my impulse shopping was only lasting 1 day, but good service.
  8. should of went on Saturday champ, when i was there it was chockers, so all the stuff you where after probably got sold
  9. Yeah, shame I was working on Sat. Still, will keep them in mind anyway for accessories as they aren't too far from home.

    Can't fault the team there either.