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The hebejeebees...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jdm, May 2, 2005.

  1. MMMMmmmm...not a great few days here in Canberra for motorcyclists....

    Saturday - 17 year old kid killed. "Hit kerb, then he hit light post". Near my old College....

    Sunday - 35 year old killed down the road on my usual scratching road. Head on with 4WD. No idea who was on the wrong side of the road.

    Monday - Daughter just called and they are late home (daughter has missed Tae Kwon Do) coz they have been delayed by yet another bike accident - probably not fatal (daughter reckons the guy was moving under the blanket - but who knows).

    The second one runs a chill down my spine as the guy is the same age as me, just a few kms away on my usual road. In fact I was going to go for a ride at about that time yesterday but didn't as I needed to look after the kids (but my wife DID go - just not that road).

    Feeling the hebejeebees definately. In 18 years of riding I don't think I've felt so mortal - I must be getting old! Even my 10yo daughter has said "That's 3! What's going on??!!".

    Feel so sad for the loss of yet more riders, and feel sad for their partners, kids and rellies....

  2. It is strange... In the past 3 weeks three of my mates had offs on their bikes.. one of the bikes is beyond repair and lucky mate has only some grazing to the knee. The other two were costly drops resulting in fiew hundred dolar repairs...
  3. possibly due to the change in season??? e.g. colder temps = colder roads and tyres, less light, more rain?

    An unfortunate reminder that we must take care out there.
  4. Canberra dual fatality

    I hate it when fellow motorcycle enthusiasts have fallen...

    May they find forever peace...

    Another reminder for me to take it "fuggin" easy on the roads
  5. A mate of mine highsided at an intersection last wednesday.. he's ok though, few hundred bucks and back on the road.