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The heat and the bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Hey all.

    The hot weather has sparked my interest regarding how the bikes will perform in the heat......

    For instance, mine is oil/air cooled. Most bikes are water-cooled these days. So, what are peoples experince in riding in this type of heat????

    ALSO - are people running "gels" in their water-cooled systems that prevent the bikes "boiling over"?????
  2. My bike's temperature hit triple digits in the heat on Saturday.

    I was sad on it's behalf for a second, then remembered it's a Kawasaki so with the right visor and jacket, I could ride it through centre of the sun and it'd probably just need an oil change after.

    I did notice much poorer fuel economy last week, too. But I guess it coulda been a crappy batch of Caltex... more testing required.
  3. my bikes running fine :grin: just went for a blast around cape shank, flinders and arthurs seat, not a cop in sight as there all down the bottom of arthurs seat attending a bushfire :shock: the fire aint good news but the speed limit , well there is no speed limit down here at the moment :LOL:
  4. Just don't ride at all in these kind of extreme conditions. Basically, above blood temperature I will try and avoid it if I can.
    The KTM twin is a bit of a hothead at the best of times - sitting in traffic yesterday the heat emanating from the exhaust system was just plain painful.
  5. ya my R6 hit 101...fan was going nuts. Then the bus and truck in each lanes finally passed each other and I zoomed through and away to cooler days and less sweat filtering into my ass crack...
  6. I am the same - I just wont ride in these conditions - I will 100% use the car unless its a ride weekend away - at which time I would leave at mid-night and drink all day and lay in a cold river.... :LOL:

    But, I am lucky to have a car and a bike.
  7. Having a cold bubble bath now and a ice cold corona :LOL: :beer:

  8. OI.................. you have room in that bath for another - I will bring a "bucket of iced Corona"........ :beer: :beer: :bannanabutt:
  9. just went for a 3 hour ride with the wife, the bikes went fine in the heat, all fluids being lost uneconomically were from the nuts on top of the bikes
  10. :rofl: WOW - willingly wanting to ride in this weather.....

    I remember racing in this heat once - very difficult........
  11. Mines a weird one, works great in the cold (as most do) worse in moderate and good again in the heat.

    Its a GPX,

    I'll be out for a few hours when the sun goes down tonight.
  12. got a whole slab here mate :grin: picked em up at safeway for a bargain price :grin:
    Already had 3 in the last half an hr :LOL: could be a big night tonight sitting on the beach :LOL: :beer: although at the current rate im consuming these i might have to get another slab in a few hrs :LOL:
  13. You need to ditch those factory exhausts and get some without the cat...the SD used to BBQ my arse before I put the Graves pipes on it :shock: , now it's not too bad, also you can order a different fan switch to turn the fan on at a lower temperature :)
  14. my VFR regularly runs in the high 80's, this week it hit 113 up at Broadford Raceway, and on the commute 107 is not uncommon. It has twin fans that stay on after the engine is stopped and should be allowed to run until they stop before turning the ignition off. Accordingly, these extreme temperature pose no problem for the bike, me however .......
  15. The DR tends to cook my right leg with the air flow from the oil cooler, particularly in slow traffic. The engine doesn't seem to notice though. No flat spots, no pinking, no fuel evaporation (any or all of which i've experienced on other bikes, some in sub-Perth temps). It just keeps plonking along, same as ever.

    Less enjoyable was my K100 in traffic. When the fan cut in, the backs of your thighs would get roasted, and, in really hot conditions, it suffered a massive flat spot if you were daft enough to run it on anything other than premium.

    My R11 would get very hot at low speeds and would then pink like a bastard under acceleration if it didn't have top notch premium in it until it cooled down again.
  16. DAMN - its upto 43degrees at the moment....

    Glad I ride a bike which is oil cooled.
  17. The old CBR was fine today - it ran through the 42deg heat fine, I just tried to keep the speed up.
  18. True... there are many things i should do, I'll get around to it one day :roll:
    Still not gonna ride in 42 degrees, tho'.
  19. Mine runs fine, have been riding consistently all hot days. the only thing thats seems to be melting is .. ME.
  20. done 2 six packs in 3 hrs skuffy :LOL: heading for a dip in the bay now :cool: still got another 12 to go though! atleast i might get a good nights sleep tonight if i continue at my current rate of consumption :LOL: