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The Healthy Option

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Highett, Dec 26, 2015.

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    Last edited: Dec 26, 2015
    So for Xmas, I was given a timber box with a crowbar taped on top, Product shall reman unnamed.
    Needless to say this crate contained manly items, beer, different types of chilly sauce and canned chillies, plus a packet of corn chips.

    The corn chips shall aso remain unnamed however the contents of these so called corn chips shall be exposed;

    Product Description
    • Certified organic by Australian Certified Organic
    • Certified gluten free by Coeliac Society of Australia
    • Wholegrain corn
    • All ingredients GMO free
    • Non-hydrogenated, expeller pressed, vegetable oil
    • Cholesterol free
    • No added MSG
    • No artificial colours, flavours or additives
    • No preservatives
    • No yeast, wheat or egg
    • Halal certified
    • Nut Free
    Okay, Christmas is over, I am in my man cave watching movies and sipping bourbon liqueur mixed with honey and find myself in a situation where snack food with a crunch is required.

    Hmm those corn chips will hit the spot me thinks.....

    Photo of said corn chip:

    Feelings of despair fall upon me as I inspect these items that are surposed to be made of corn yet are green.

    Looking at the packet which declares the chips contain Kale & Spiruina, Huh WTF is that Sh*t.....

    Kale, some sort of non heading cabbage and Spiulina some kind of algae grown on warm ponds (pond scum)

    My expectations of a crunchy chip to go with my beverage sinks lower.

    But, this is a healhy product, it contains certified organic material and is Halal certified so it must be good.

    Oooh how wrong was I.

    An initial taste detected a corny sort of flavour that disapeared as the chip was ground into a past which had a soggy cardboard flavour.

    I am determined to have a crunchy snack so I start to eat them, the only thing that made them slightly tollerable was the Bourbon.

    Now I am not a health freak of any discription and if people want to eat this stuff thats their choice however I say that these corn chips have made my banned list, these chips are discustingly bad, needless to say I could not finish the packet.

    And there is the after taste, Yuk
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  2. Yeah, they don't look good.

    I was put onto a gluten free diet once. I've since determined that I need gluten in my life.
  3. Dieting wont make you live longer it'll just seem longer ;)
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  4. The best thing to go with beer or bourbon (or rum or vodka) is fried chicken. Can't go wrong with fried chicken.

    A match made in heaven...yumm!

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