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The headbutt, helmet style

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Collo, May 29, 2015.

  1. Dunno if it's been posted, I haven't seen it on here.

    Still smile every time I watch it.

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  2. Wow....just wow! Since when is 'I got kids' a get out of jail card? And where did the other rider come from? Wow...
  3. ha ha ha It's all over Facebook and I still laugh each time I see it! My bad!?! ha ha ha
  4. I'm still laughing. The remix cracked me up, though I am on my third rum.

    The other bloke is riding behind him. You can see him briefly when he chucks a u-turn.
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  5. 3rd Rum? It's 8.10am here ... if you're in our timezone you are going to have one hell of a Friday! ha ha ha
  6. 8.12 now lol

    I finished work 2 hours ago, it's my afternoon :D
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  7. That is awesome what a boss!!!!
    Deserved it bad!
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  8. Police: Why did you headbutt the driver?
    Hero: It's OK officer - I have kids too.
    Police: Well that's fine then sir, have a great ride.
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  9. omg that's awesome.
    so THAT'S what helmets are for!
  10. ha ha ha I was doing shift work until recently - rotating from days to midnight finishes - I felt like I was in a permanent time warp! Maybe Rum would've been the answer! ha ha ha
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  11. The full video's here according to the youtube description.

    All that swearing in front of the kids, yeah.. good job Dad, and by the looks of the end of the video.. he threw something at them. Immature.
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  12. I don't rotate shifts. Been doin nights for 9 years give or take. And I ran out of rum, onto beers now lol.

    And while I'm in here I watched the vid again. fcuk that's funny.
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  13. ColloCollo - I think you should move onto the MotoGP :) Or past runs of the Isle of Man TT!
  14. Na I had to go listen to Drowning Pool after watching it so many times, and seeing as I'm home alone that led to Slipknot, and that led to me on my way to p[retty fcukin drunk with Slayer cranked up.
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  15. Well no riding for you!
  16. No anything for me today at this rate haha
  17. Ha ha ha. Excellent. Duly noted use of helmet. Although in my experience, a full tilt forehand swing with your hand firmly on the chin guards works best. They won't move for days.
    I love the Neanderthal mono brow on the bogan breeder...doubt he would have even felt the 'does ye granny sew' head butt!
    Best bit I love , is how in the full version, the guy with the head cam does a text book head check before he takes of. I was really proud of him!
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  18. Their is much more to the story than that video. The riders where no angels themselves.
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  19. Do tell Mr BjpittBjpitt purlease...;)
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  20. The attempted murder was totally justified then.