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The Hayne is a Playin ;)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. NRL match review chief Greg McCallum has defended the decision to allow Parramatta's Jarryd Hayne to escape with the lowest possible charge over his kneeing of Bryson Goodwin - freeing the way for a mouthwatering fullback battle between the game's best player and Melbourne superstar Billy Slater in Sunday's grand final.

    While the news - announced after a specially convened meeting of the match review committee yesterday - was welcomed by relieved Eels teammates and fans, McCallum admitted he was prepared for accusations of preferential treatment for one of the game's biggest drawcards and double-standards after Storm captain Cameron Smith was rubbed out of last year's grand final for a grapple tackle.

    Parramatta hooker Matthew Keating will also be free to play in the premiership decider after being hit with a grade one contrary conduct charge for his chicken wing tackle on Bulldogs prop Ben Hannant in last Friday night's 22-12 preliminary final win, leaving injured captain Nathan Cayless (hamstring) as coach Daniel Anderson's only concern.

    With scans showing Cayless had suffered only a strain and not a tear, the Eels camp are hopeful he will be fit, but prop Broderick Wright was yesterday placed on standby and did not play in Wentworthville's NSW Cup preliminary final against Bankstown City Bulls at Leichhardt Oval.

    ''It's all looking good for us now,'' star utility Feliti Mateo said. ''I was a bit nervous for those guys but knowing they have got off is good, and the only one we're waiting on now is Nathan Cayless. But I'm sure we can get him out there with a wooden leg or something if we have to.''

    Hayne avoided a judiciary hearing tomorrow night by only the barest of margins after 20 per cent loading from a dangerous throw guilty verdict that ruled him out of the opening match of last year's Origin series was added to the 100 demerit points for a grade one dangerous contact charge.

    With a 25 per cent discount for an early guilty plea, the penalty was reduced to 90 demerit points - enabling him to play. In an unusual move, the NRL released a table of all other dangerous contact charges from this season that showed only those players with either a higher grading or carryover points from a previous offence had been suspended.

    McCallum pointed out that Smith also would have been able to play in last year's grand final if he did not have a 50 per cent loading and carryover points from another grapple tackle charge earlier in the season but said he was anticipating criticism. "We are prepared for that and my response would be that Cameron Smith had 50 per cent loading for a similar charge for a grapple tackle and was charged with a grade one – so without the carryovers and loading, he too would have been available to play," McCallum said.

    "That's a mechanical part of the system. They both got charged with a grade one offence but Cameron Smith got two matches because of his previous offence."

    Of the other nine dangerous contact charges this season, five players were suspended – including Wests Tigers prop Bryce Gibbs, who got a three-match ban for kneeing Parramatta winger Luke Burt as he scored in round 24.

    Gibbs and South Sydney winger Nathan Merritt were the only players charged with grade two dangerous contact.

    "'We felt this was a completely different set of circumstances," McCallum said. "In the case of Bryce Gibbs, Luke Burt carried the ball into the in-goal and was hit from behind. In Jarryd Hayne's case, the ball was free and loose immediately prior to to him diving on it.

    "We also found that it wasn't his knee that made contact, it was the side of his leg, and he actually appears to turn his knee away to avoid contact, whereas Nathan Merritt led with his feet and made contact. But the action was still careless and that's why we charged him."

    McCallum also said there were mitigating circumstances in Keating's tackle, which left Hannant with a partially dislocated shoulder. "We believe the injury caused to Ben Hannant was because of combined weight of Nathan Hindmarsh, who was on Keating's back, and as they went to ground, Hindmarsh had hold of Hannant's hand."

    Eels five-eighth Daniel Mortimer welcomed the news that Hayne and Keating had been cleared. "It would have been disappointing to come this far and not be able to play in the grand final. Neither of them were intentional. It's a contact sport, and those things happen."

    Slater welcomed the opportunity to go head to head with Hayne in what could decide the Australian No.1 jersey for the Four Nations series. "He has been going great. He has certainly sparked rugby league and the finals series and even before that," Slater told AAP.

    "There is a lot of fullbacks in good form right now and Jarryd Hayne is probably at the top of the bunch."
  2. What a clash it's going to be; Slater and Hayne, plus Keating, Smith, Inglis, Moi-Moi etc!
  3. [​IMG]

    just because ;)
  4. Go the Mighty Eels!

    I'm a big parra fan, but Hayne -is- overrated. It'll probably get me kicked out of the club, but there's lots of other great play makers in the side as well. Hopefully they'll just target him.
  5. Storm FTW! it will be 24 years after this weekend.
  6. I'll pay the bloke who smashes Hindmarsh into next week, $500
  7. storm will smash em, im only going for storm cause it has a bulldogs player in the team :)
  8. Go Goz! A NSWelshman rooting for the Storm! Woot!!!
  9. Hayne is NOT over-rated; he's one of the most prodigious talents ever to have played the game. But he's not the only good player in the team, that's certain.

    On-line polls are saying Melbourne, and I heard a guy on radio yesterday saying that his heart said Parramatta but his head said Melbourne, and I suspect that he's not alone. Melbourne will want to erase the pain of last year, (even though they smashed Manly in the semis).

    I believe Melbourne's 'stars' are better defenders than Paramatta's 'stars' and defence wins big games.
  10. It pains me to say it, Melbourne by 12.
  11. "You'll hear a tremendours roar go up when Parra wins the game", and I've got no idea how to simulate "click go the shears" on a forum. Please hum along in your own mind.

    I don't think that Jarryd Hayne is over-rated, but even if he is, we've got so much other talent out there to "carry him" that it won't matter. Not in the same league as our 81, 82, and 83 hero squad (and nothing probably ever will be!), but I think it's the closest we've come to them in all the years in between.

    And Vic, I think you $500 is safe. It will take more than any one Melbourne player to even come close to knocking Hindy anywhere. He'll make a great stand-in captain if Cayless doesn't play, and provide great leadership whether captain or not.

    Parra by 18!!! "We'll raise our voices to the sky, and glorify the eels"!!!
  12. Like to hear the attitude there firemonkey!

    It is great to hear people talk about Hayne like he's the only attacking player that we have. There's some great guys in the backline that are all very dangerous when presented with the opportunity.

    Dunno why we've booked Tahu for the next couple of years. He'll get injured again and sit on the sidelines for most of the season, I reckon.

    Anyway, Eels by 4!
  13. Eels will be flogged by 20+ and the game will be a a disappointment. I will be there watching, drunk.

  14. FTW!! NSW people must hate the Eels!
  15. You don't have to hate one team to support another ......
  16. I don't hate them, just don't think they'll win.