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The happy thread!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Black Magic, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. OK, I have been sitting here reading other people's posts that are flaming and criticising each other. I strongly believe in free speech but we, as bikers, are a minority in the community that are often ostricised. This is a bonding thread- bred out of not only the nastiness I have encountered here in the last week, but out of the incredible kindness some of you have offered me.
    Anyone want to share good stuff that has happened in their day/week?
    I will start .....
    I have had so many WONDERFUL PM's from netrider contributors this last few days I have had to empty my inbox on a regular basis! Incredible- these people don't even know me!
    My friend Katbird (who I love dearly) took me out xmas shopping today ( as I have not been inclined toward xmas this year) and bought me a beautiful pair of earings- just because she loves me!
    I had a great week helping sick and injured animals (and their humans) as usual.
    Last, but not least- IT HAS RAINED HERE IN BRISBANE! YAHOO!!!!
    What good things happened in your week?

  2. *crickets chirping* ill have to get back to you on that one.
  3. As per usual...don't bother reading the thread if you aren't inclined.....
  4. Well since i've had an infection in my arm for the past week not much! However, went to the doc's yesterday and the infection's almost gone (thank God 'cause if not it was into hospital for me) and to top it off I didn't have to have another penicillin injection (had to have one at each of my two previous visits)! Yay! :grin:

    Wat else...I finished my x-mas shopping and came to the realisation that I don't think Santa's bringing me a motorbike for x-mas. Oh well...it wasn't for lack of trying.

    Ohh and right now i'm listening to live updates of the Qld Roar vs. Central Coast Mariners match and we're tied 1-1 after 53mins. Doing better than the last few weeks let's just hope we can get another goal.

    Frankly, i'm quite happy at the moment.
  5. Good job! Get well- you never know what Santa might bring you..... :wink:
  6. I had an accident and the driver involved has been an excellent person so far. I'm not badly hurt. My bike didn't get beaten too badly either.

    Me and the wife went today and picked up a dog to give her a foster home until she can find a house.

    Because I was laying in bed the whole week my bank acount was looking really good last time I checked it.

    Ah, and someone in NR offer me one of his two spare helmets so I can go to work riding the CB250RSIF.

  7. My son is starting high school next year and today I went to the uniform shop to grab a few things and when I asked the sales lady where the uniforms for his HS were she looked me up and down and asked if it was for me :D
  8. Crap- that's gotta be good! Sh isn't a pervert is she?? :LOL:
  9. Hey Will- it's over all a great community here isn't it??? :wink:
  10. Great idea BM too much bagging out of each others comments or actions or spelling etc etc ....
    Well........ here I go had a great week at work partly because I have been still buzzing from the track day at eastern creek last saturday it was brilliant and would reccomend it to any one and every one learners to veteran riders the guys that run it are top notch on the ball and willing to give any one advice, probably the best day I have had in a long long time downside of this weekend is its raining and I can't get out on my bike which is the only reason I go to work , oh and if Katbird bought me some earrings I would be over the moon tooooo
  11. Every day is a good one for me. Out of every negative I try and find a positive otherwise this worl d would get you so low. Tomorrow will be a great day. Going riding as a pillion with my brother-in-law. He is one great rider who gives me a buzz every day we ride together. He is like a big bro with his big 1200! woo hoo :LOL:
  12. I had my first ever Christmas Party last night, I drank far too much & had far too much fun & I don't even have a hangover.

    & I had pizza for dinner, pizza is the best thing in the world.

    Found out I'll get my bike back on Friday.

    My bestfriend suprised me by hanging around the front of my work to see me on break! I don't get to see him very often.

    & I'm going to Robbie tomorrow night!
  13. Chaz- I can only ever dream of being a good enough rider to do a track day! ( A tinney bit scared!) Good job!
    Every day is a great day working with you Katbird!
  14. I'll be happier when I get my Dominator back tho.

  15. Soon as that bike is out of the shop Bm every day will be a great day for us! lol
  16. A week in my home state, Tassie, fanging on the roads I remember, met a few Tassie NR's, did their Toy Run again (with Santa's Sl*t on the back - not that bad, check out the Tas Toy Run thread for a pic), back to Vic for a few day's rest before going back to work on Mon. Ain't nothing like a few days away from the daily grind and usual activities to re-evaluate things and take a fresh perspective. I've had fun and enjoyed this week!

    As for the bagging aspect, don't let it get you down BM, comes with being on an online forum with a diverse member/user base, I find.
  17. Good to hear from you chaz. That made my day! :grin:
  18. Hey chani- there will be more xmas parties (take it from my workmates-more than you care to be reminded of) but only one Robbie! :)
  19. Was a little worried I was stuck in a female thread ... hang on thast nearly every guys dream ...sorta better be careful the thread isn't locked again girls ...behave
    Ezy rider very very jealous go back to work ya bum
  20. Bite me :wink: