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The hamster died again???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete the freak, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Don't know about anyone else, but the forums are incredibly slow today at my end...

    Anything going on we should know about??

  2. Here too, perhaps it's an overload of lerv, what with Rolla and Flipper's engagement, and Stookie's and Lil's wedding........
  3. #3 pvda, Jan 29, 2007
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    And here I was thinking this was a thread about Richard "Hampster" Hammonds Top Gear Jet Car crash which has just popped up on YouTube (then again with so many people looking at it it might've slowed things down a fair bit??)..

    (it goes for nearly 11 minutes, the actual crash footage starts at around 6:30)

    I lurve the final comment by Jeremy Clarkson..........
  4. ye gods, what can you say, only Craig Breedlove has survived a faster crash than that?
  5. Just letting you know the hamster died completely twice so far today. Have got the "The Website you were looking for could not be found" message...
  6. he just has a cramp.
    poor little bugger has been running for ages!

    he'll pick up the pace soon enough ;)
  7. The farrier was late ;)
  8. You make the hamster wear horse shoes??? No wonder he's slow!!! :grin:
  9. I needed to upgrade it to a horse coz of all these posts about "riders down" :LOL:
  10. I blame Joel, he's been post whoring all afternoon!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I blame Naomi Robson, always have always will.

    Vic: Touche... :LOL:
  12. andrew,
    well, if you go back a coupla months, prior to my busy-work-period.......hmmmmmmmmmm

    sorry guys, they shouldnt have given me an office :rofl:
  13. Just as well Top Gear was on for an hour, is all I can say.

    But we ARE allowed to report on the forum being down, because it's a forum we know :LOL:.
  14. Just kidding Joel! I think you've answered the question you posed in your office workers thread too!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. A mate just finished downloading last Sunday nights episode from the UK and the boys did a $1000 challenge in the USA.

    I still reckon we need to get them down here and introduce them to what's made in Clayton & Campbellfield (that's HSV & FPV for the uninitiated) especially considering how much they enjoyed the Vauxhall Monaro.
  16. plus we could get them to test the Goggomobile Dart and the Lightburn Zeta; that should make for some interesting argument on the "Cool or not Cool" board :LOL:
  17. hmm, I think I've got it worked out...

    The hamster has a lunch break for an hour and a bit around 1:30pm, then an early tea break around 6:00pm...

    I can't think of any other explanation, after all, he just got a new cage a couple of months ago.....
  18. Perhaps we need a newer, faster, better, stronger hamster ^_^

  19. I believe that the hamster is also being used by admin to replace a gerbil that died on the job :LOL:
  20. The hamster's been busy dealing with all the spambots of late