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The Hairy Bikers Cookbook

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by roundman58, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Starting Friday 17th of March on SBS at 8.05pm The Hairy Bikers Cookbook is a 12 part series, Dave Myers and Si King aren't trained chefs, they simply love food.

  2. Saw an ad for that tonight, looks like it might be worth watching.
  3. Iin tonights episode they are off to the Isle of Man during TT week.
    A couple of links with more info on The Hairy Bikers Cookbook. The first gives episode details, the second is their own website.



    Episode Three: Si and Dave Do the Isle of Man

    For two lifelong bikers and foodies, the chance to combine a trip to the annual TT Races with some serious cooking is irresistible. However, to get a couple of motorbikes onto a catamaran for the trip requires an unusual solution.

    Dave Myers and Si King are the bikers-turned-sailors who spend a happy afternoon cooking crab souffl├ęs and sea bass on the back of the boat, only to wake up next morning in the teeth of a gale.

    On finally reaching Douglas, the boys encounter the strange Loaghtan sheep, and set up a bikers' feast of local lamb and scallops on the beach.

    But the real highlight comes on Mad Sunday, when the TT course is open to all riders: will the boys' unusual new bikes get them round in one piece?