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The haggis rides again!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by haggis, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Well I'm finally back on the road. It's been three and a half months and I can tell you the first 30 seconds on the bike were very nervy. I was right as soon as I got a bit of speed up though :grin:
    Here she is, Honda Hornet 600 1999 model.
    I hope to see you out there somewhere :wink:

  2. Nics Haggis, sexy looking machine :) (even if it is a naked :wink: )
    Glad to hear your back on the road again, will see you out there....eventually :grin:
  3. Yeaaaahhhh baby!

    The bike looks good! Bet it feels a bit different to the SV650 with the extra 2 cylinders.

    Does this mean you will be at the Ranch on Wednesday night?

    Sorry about the CAPS folks, but that is just such great news, mate. Any help you need, you be sure to phone me, OK??

    And, yeah, you goiing to bring it to the ranch???
  5. Haggis let me ride the Hornet on sunday !

    I think I could be joining the Hornets nest also ! ;)

    Its a sexy bike !
    The yellow just gives it that "yeah! baby - swingin' 70s look" :LOL:

    Its taken 15years off Dennis' age :rofl:

    Lock up your daughters and keep an eye on your wives . . . . haggis is back on the road !!!!!
  6. You gonna name it "Skippy"? :grin:
  7. Its good to see you back on the road. Nice bike, just enjoy it.
  8. good one haggis!
  9. Great to hear you're back in the saddle buddy. I trust everything has healed up fine. Nice looking ride, too, I might add. I love the yellow. The roos should be able to see you coming now....

  10. Hey Bill !
    I told Haggis on the weekend that it was the first time i've ridden a bike greater than 250cc !

    I forgot that I actually rode the might XVS650 before !
  11. Congrats on the bike Dennis - great looking scoot :cool:
  12. Haggis, congratulations. Is this bike an upgrade? From memory, I think you use to own a Spada? Am I right? If not, oh well. Enjoy your new bike.
  13. great lookin bike mate..
  14. Good to see your back on a bike.
    See you soon ,if i get a day off .
  15. Congrats on getting up and running again, and another yellow bike, woohoo....gota love it.

  16. congratulations on owning the COOLEST bike ever - the hornet 600 (though you really need to clean your pipes! :LOL: )

    Most importantly - congratulations on being back on a bike after a bad accident. always happy to hear when a rider heals & gets back on!
  17. Congrats on the beautiful bike.... :grin:
  18. Nice one haggis. Sweet ride. :)
  19. After seeing the job you did on your pipes, I am too ashamed to even start on mine :oops: :wink:
  20. Come on, it's only 8 hours worth of work! Don't be so lazy :p.