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The Guys' Rules

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Bluey, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. :p

  2. lol, love it!

    Thanks for the laugh.
  3. That should have a spot on the bathroom mirror to distract the shifty btch before she plots on u
  4. Brillant, that's gold. So true to number five i think it is?
  5. number 1 dont ya mean ;)

    yeah some good ones there... my girl needs to read that!
  6. :applause: :applause:
    Great work!
    I might have to print a copy and give it to a couple of women I work with.
    Hope they see the humor in it otherwise I could be up for a harrasment charge. 8-[
    Keep ya eye on the papers just in case.
  7. good stuff, i see it's a set of rules for a princess, not a woman [some poor sods will never know].

    where are the woman rules?

    the only one i dont agree with is the reluctance to ask for directions. thats the male version of a princess.

    when i start dating a guy one of the first and only things i ask is

    'are you one of those fcuking morons who have too much ego in dreamland, think ya so good that you prefer to be lost for ages rather than just ask someone for directions?'

    the answer is always 'no' regardless of whatever the truth is. i pitty the woman who end up with those men. the best thing to do is put it out at the earliest op.

    stump it out! :cool:
  8. i never have that trouble stump.. GPS FTW :D

    i love that list
  9. Excellent list.

    Getting 'lost' as women call it, is a learning process of where not to go or it's exploring.
    C.Columbus was supposed to go to India, but decided to go exploring and found America.
  10. at least he addmitted he was exploring, rather than taking the long route to a destination.

    ive never encounted the 'cant ask for directions type' but ive heard about em.
  11. Well that just proves nothing good can come of it, America, we'd be better off without them! :evil: :LOL: :p
  12. :woot: Now that would land me in trouble with my partner...but im sure it would be worth it :LOL:
  14. resorting to personal insults??

  15. If you don't want a reaction to your action, than don't start in the first place!
  16. do u not understand the concept of a smiley?

    wow.. some really uptight people on here..

    i wonder if one of our illustrious mods will warn you for personal abuse..

    as that is against the T & C's

    i shake my head in dismay at your attitude :(