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The GT650R story. Chapter 2

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Enigma, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    Sorry I hadn’t provided any update regarding to life of my GT650R, But as you would all most likely guess. I’m just having SOO much fun.

    So here is chapter 2.

    KM travelled : 351KM
    Weather : Sometimes overcast, Others. Perfect

    The second day all started with anxiety and a slight fear as this will be the first time I will be putting myself into traffic, with only 40KM of riding experience on my resume. It seems like a large step into the world of motorcycling.
    This feeling reminded me of the first time I had lost my virginity, I wasn’t to sure what to do. But you know everything will fall into place. My mind haw now eased.

    I collect all my gear I walk out to see the sun setting over the horizon, “Such a great day” I think to myself. My mind slowly easing with that anxiety that had built up earlier, suddenly turns to excitement.

    Opening the garage, there she stands. Glistening, scintillating with all its glory. I could just sit down with a camera and take shots as is it were a super model at a photo shoot. But its time to give the new born a little workout to help her fluids and machinery work together as one and as fluent as can be.
    As you would expect from a Brand new bike, off she started with a little extra juice and a twist of the throttle.

    Ok, enough of my Novelistic words, on to tell you guys how the bike is coping to its 1000k Service.

    Tyres – Bridgestone Battlax. Marvelous road handling, Doesn’t look like a hint of wear has started, As it still has those green and red lines. But you really notice that once the mould wax has been worn off. You can start to lean down lower and your turn in just seems to hold.

    Comfort / Suspension / Road handling – There is still that vibration through the bike itself. Most likely because of the V-Twin engine between its legs. But I find, As you climb higher through the revs (6.5k up) Things start to smoothen out a bit. Suspension is just perfect from factory as it is. Point and shoot. Around Left hand turns, Just counter steer, Lean and shoot through the corner. As for right handers. Don’t even ask. I still need to perfect them. Over the little bumps. Even sitting on the bike The fronts seem to handle the task well. Although the rear can be a little soft. But predictable.

    Engine – What more can I say. Its in restricted mode. And still running it in. But it is just marvellous. Nice smooth, Flat torque, Very predictable. But can rumble your teeth out at the low revs. I also find You need to keep the engine above 3k to run smooth. Anything under 3k RPM, you start to notice the engine struggle a bit. All in all, The Power delivery is very smooth. Oh, And the engine braking of this mighty v-twin. Who needs front brakes when you can have a v-twin. The engine braking of this engine is Huge, It Brakes better than the rear brake can ever do in it life time. The only time I really use brakes is when I am almost a complete stop. As I am still running in, Im using the engine to brake, And it can hit you if you don’t know how to rev match. (specifically 2nd-1st).

    Gearbox – Gearbox is still notchy at times but can be very fluent, I find neutral a bit hard to locate at times (not that I use neutral anyway). I am finding that at times the gear lever can be stuck when your in a standing position (1st – N – 2nd). Am also finding the Gear ratio seems to be well suited to the V-twins power delivery and shifting clutchless (up gears) tends to be a lot smoother without the use of the clutch. Hopefully this notchy feeling should ease and smoothen up as K’s go by

    Brakes – Hrmm, Good going Hyosung, Got my hopes up thinking the brake issues have been fixed. My recommendation. Upgrade to better compound Pads as you will find it is very woody. It seems they haven’t fixed the soft feeling to the brakes but I will be doing a total brake overhaul (steel lines, Better compound brakes pads, High quality brake fluid). Even thinking on converting to tokico 4 pots. (Its been done). But just looking at the Calipers and the fluid they recommend. It may just be a matter of better Brake fluid and Steel braided lines. It seems that once you get them hot, They bite well. Overall from factory, They are more than enough to stop you. But in any emergency braking situations, you may need to change your underwear.

    Minor notes –
    Foot peg adjustment - please be advised that you only have 2 positions to play with from the factory, and the rear most position requires the purchase of a longer Gear selector arm.
    Fuel tank - Tank becomes large when your on the sports bike, Took me a while to find a good seating position. But once you do, fits like a glove (5’7-8, 84kg)
    Heat - In winter it would be good. But the bike is the perfect ball warmer, But maybe not in summer. I have been scolded .


    No regrets what so ever on my purchase. I absolutely recommend this bike to anyone. But just be careful and double check your brakes as these are the things that stop you.

    Anyone have questions. Ask away. I’ll be on my bike in the time being.

    Robert Parker
  2. Good report Rob .
    I hope you going to make it for coffee tonight .
  3. Nice review....sounds like your having a blast! :)
  4. Well presented report, Rob, very valuable for other riders contemplating the same purchase.
  5. I'm thinking of a GT650R for my first bike too as a mature age learner.

    I've always cursed Korean made automobiles for being cheap and bad quality. It is true to an extent but it does meet ADR and AS so Korean stuff can't be that all bad.
    My friend has a Hyundai excel which ishe drove from MacKay QLD to Sydney and use to drive an Accent.

    The only bad Korean story I have heard of is an ex gf I had my uncles KIA carnival with blown head gasket and Hyo-drama GT650R

    Its affordable its new and it looks sporting.

    Good going

    Still making up my mind
  6. Nice write up mate, well done.

    GTR-90D don't write it off because it is korean, I have owned a couple of Kias, a Ssangyong and a Hysoung. They are all good value for money if looked after.

    I had more problems with my Nissan patrol which I loved to death and would but another one without thought.
  7. I'm in the same boat GTR-90D....mature age and going for my license next week. There is a LOT of mixed reviews on these out there, but there isn't too many options for learners. I'm 6"2' so sitting on a 250 (ANY 250) will make me look like a goose.

  8. Bikes won't readily change gear when stopped. You need to select neutral as you just roll to a stop. Take it easy while practising, though - it is all to easy to overbalance while getting it right.

    If you are stopped and feel the need to select N, just let the clutch out a little until you feel it start to bite while applying pressure to the lever - it should come into N. Don't force it, tho. Pull the clutch back in and out a little until it clicks out of gear.

    Have fun

    Trevor G
  9. Great write up Rob, and it is a great value for monewy bike. With a few minor adjustments the bike is a dream.
    Stiffen up the suspension setting a wee bit on the front & rear, add decent brake pads (ebc) & a good exhaust, and the GT650R is taken to the next level & feels like a much more $$$$ bike.

    I have a 07'GT650R, and now it's set up just right, I love it. I picked it over a 4yo GSXR600 & I have no regrets at all.

  10. Just one thing, do not under any circumstances buy one of these that's out of warranty. Anything before mid 2006 has the dodgy engine fitted, and you really don't want to be paying the ridiculous parts costs.