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The GT650R is now here!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Enigma, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Finally took delivery of my bike today. Its is a 06 GT650R LAM version

    one word... Breath taking.. Wait thats 2..

    This is my first entry on my web page. But I just cant figure out how to upload my page to IInet's server. So here it is

    Date: 24/01/06
    Weather Condition: Windy/slight drizzle
    Time: 2215
    Distance: 17KM

    Very long day at work. Very overcast. And the sweat running down my paws. But why?. For only 1 Reason.

    To go for a ride on my Brand New Hyosung 06' GT650R. Just looking at that Sexy pipe, Or even those sexy farings, makes you just wanna.... Sleep with it. Or better yet.. Get on one knee and propose to a machine, Hoping that it will say "I DO". But we all know it will.

    Anyway, enough of my wierd fantasy's. I have created this very bland.. Plain looking page to Tell all you people out there the Story of a man, and his Hyosung GT650R. Also hoping that this will no doubt help make your decision on making a worthwhile purchase like I Did. You may also wanna check out the pic section to see what i mean by "sleeping with your machine"

    Everything is still bedding into the bike. But i can say, That even though i cant rev the balls off it yet, Anywhere from 2000rpm-5000rpm, This stallion will pull with the help of the V-twins Torque "cant wait to see whats beyond 5000..." . And the engine braking is phenominal. Just whack it back a gear and you virtually will never have to use the brakes.

    And while on the subject on brakes. Alot of people have been Mentioning about how the brakes feel woody. Well My model is an 06 Production, And in its current stock state, These babys pull up awesome and very progressive. Seems like hyosung have finally fixed their brake problem? <- More to come as the brakes bed in.

    The build is very very stable and just how a bike should be. But you can still feel the vibration of the engine as you are increasing the rev's.

    Well, Thats all for day 1, Till next time when the roads are more empty, I will bring you more up to date info as we continue.

    Now where did i put my ignition key... Im already missing it....

    And Safe riding to all!
  2. Nice to see a novel angle on the review ... seems like we have a would be automotive journo here :grin:

    As for the key, I ALWAYS put mine zipped up in the pocket of my leather jacket and have thus far managed not to misplace it ... now my house keys ar an entirely different story :roll:

  3. nice review, u are installing my confidence in getting a hyosung. Yet the resale still scares me, but i reckon from wat u and others have said i won't b thinking too much about that once i've taken one for a test ride.

    P.S. welcome to the forums;remember respect, ride and get raunchy!
  4. /me cries about not having LAMS in Victoria
  5. Is it easy to de-LAM the bike when you get your full license?
  6. Yup.

    Replacement slides : $130

    The look on your face when you dont hold on to tight.. Priceless
  7. Congrats on the new ride :grin:

    I've got the naked unrestricted version in an '04 model....sweet bike!

    Engine is good and I have no issue with the brakes, although my bike is not a 'track bike' so they are fine for the street.

    Above 5000 RPM...hang on baby! Mine has plenty enough acceleration & power to keep me satisfied :wink:
  8. Possibly a silly question but what stops you doing the LAMectomy a little early? :wink:
  9. Yeah I always wondered that....I mean couldnt you just go in and buy a non LAMs version?

    Hows a cop gonna know if he pulls you over?
  10. It would take about 20 minutes to change over the carb slides in a vtwin. The coppers have no way of telling.
    What's the price of these bikes vs new sv650?
  11. It has to be done by an accredited dealer and he has to report the fix to the RTA.
  12. RRP is $8.5k plus ORC I think...but I picked up a mint 04 model with less than 4k on the clock for much less than that.

    I think the SV650 is more?
  13. From what im told ,the cops can do a check with the RTA or it comes up with your rego check.
    As you get the slidders taken out ,the dealer then has to inform hyosung and then they inform the RTA ,the bikes gone from a LAMS bike to a open bike.

    Hyosung and it's dealers with be right on the ball and make sure all the paper work is up to scratch as not ,to have this bike take off the LAMS list ,if people are fudging the paper work and rorting the system.

    One dealer i spoke to. said he would sell me the bike with LAMS but wouldn't take the slidders out ,as he is still worryed about being sued as the ORIGINAL bike is for a learner .
    If you sell it to someone else ,after the slidders are removed ,and the new new owner hurts him/her self ,he can be sued for tampering with the bike.
    If you get my drift.

    This is from a dealer of hyosung for over 3 years and he also has 2 other major brands in his shop so he's not a ,new dealer to the industry.

    Other dealer will take the slidders out for you he said ,and if you know abit about bikes ,YOU could take them out.
  14. The rego sticker in NSW says "LAMS" on it , so if you get pulled over they'll look for that. But saying that they won't know if you've had it un-restricted on the sly.
  15. SV is ~$10,000 on road.

  16. Refer above about RTA involvement, Police are on-line to the RTA and they WILL be able to find out.....
  17. Another interesting thing about the restricted bikes is that the sliders can be removed to make an unrestricted bike, then at a later date be put back in and re-registered as a LAMs bike, BUT if you buy an unrestricted one straight form the dealer, it can never be a LAMS bike.

    Seems like it would be worthwhile to buy the LAMS version even if you were on an unrestricted licence and pay the $$$ straight away to get the slders removed. That'd surely help with resale value....
  18. As the doctor said ,i just looked my rego lable has LAMS on it ,never noticed this befor.
    So after the slidders are taken off ,you would get a new lable sent to you by the dealer or RTA.
    You have the wrong lable on it and are busted for it ,i would say there would be a nice fine.

    Good point pete .just remeber to get them off the dealer , ,after there taken off.
  19. erm a "nice fine" :? is there such a thing?
  20. I don't think the cops would have a problem with a fully licenced rider riding a LAMs bike, btu the other way round, they get a bit toey...