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The GS500F that replaced my explodey Kwaka

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by slygrog, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Well, many of you know already that my CLASSIC GPz550 exploded underneath me at Sunday practice a while back. About two weeks later I bought a Suzuki GS500F ('05 model), but it was in need of a service so I didn't ride it too much (SEE: Last bike exploded under me, so I was a little tentative). I dropped it off at some mechanics a workmate recommended, and they kept it for 5 weeks without even buying the parts it needed, quoted me $900 - $1000 for the service, lied about their progress and - it seems, though I can't prove it as I didn't take 'before' photos - dropped the bike and scratched the side, as well as creating a crack in the fairing.

    BUT. I picked it up off them last week, paid nil, and booked it in at Close Motorcycles in Redfern. They were amazing. Same day service, low fees, no problem. I thought to celebrate the fact I finally have a bike I can safely ride around, I would post a few photos up. I will be taking it out this weekend and will shoot some more interesting ones (I took these quickly for my dad), but here's to the Suzi!


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  2. Very nice...it's great to have a new bike huh??!!

    out of interest, who was the mechanic...? I live nearby these days and wanna stay the hell away :D
  3. i will message you so as not to create issues for the board, but i doubt anyone here would end up there. the place is an auto shop with a harley mechanic who can, apparently, work wonders (when he gets around to it). he only takes referrals and is in sydenham, near the station. check PMs in a sec for the shop name. :p
  4. don't see too many with that colour scheme going around. also you're doing it wrong, you celebrate having a bike by riding it, not posting pics of it
  5. that is what i thought! i really dig the scheme, though i almost bought a bright yellow GS500E on the same day which sometimes i still think of.

    i left work early to ride it in the spring afternoon, so now i am chained to the proverbial desk at home catching up on said work. ;)
  6. Looks good man! Never seen one in this colour scheme before, it's very race spec with its decals, kinda makes me think of a Suzuki version of the old Honda CBR250RR with the Repsol scheme.

    Please ditch that Transformers badge though, looks hideous if you ask me!
  7. +1 - it's lovely looking thing, but I've never understood the obsession with transformers stickers.