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The Gruntmaster

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by oz650r, May 8, 2010.

  1. After stacking my GSR I have bought my dream bike a second hand (only because they don't make them anymore) GSX 1400SE. It is a great bike and I just love the torque. For a big bheavy thing it is easy to throw around. So here are a few pics.



  2. Nice. And nice country background too (y).
  3. Way to make me cry! :p I had one and am determined to replace it and while I like both the standard blue/white and SE colours black is a must for me.
    It's preaching to the choir ;) but, enjoy.

    PS The belly pan looks good on your bike, far far better than some of the others I've seen.
  4. Classy looking bike. Enjoy!
  5. great bike, love em. The belly pan dosen't suit it IMHO. Chuck it on ebay
  6. Yeah, belly pan is gay!

    Beautiful bike though - love it in those colours.
  7. Nice classic looking 4cyl muscle bike.

  8. nice looking bike :)

    nice backgrounds too!
  9. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit....... once i have my triumph sprint rs, i might have to sell the er-5 to get one of these!! ... or can i maybe have 3 bikes? oh shiiiiiit hahaha not again!!!

    i MUST test ride one soon!
  10. Belly pan is gone. Took it off after the first ride as it has a huge scratch down 1 side where it touched down on the road out of Deans Marsh heading towards Lorne.
  11. Congrats on acquiring the 14 mate..........(y) looking good

    hope you like shelling out for rear rubber..........:rolleyes: they can shred tyres if you play hard...hee,hee