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The Grey Snake

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fybre, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Ok, so in between teaching Chuck Norris how to punch properly, and designing new ways of putting bubbles into beer... I have been occasionally known to get in touch with my sensitive side and write a bit of *cough* poetry *cough*

    I know, terribly unmanly, and open to derision, especially as my poems suck.. but hey, life's like that.

    Anyway, the road has always made me think of a long grey snake, thus I wrote the following...

    The Grey Snake

    Her coils around the mountain twirl,
    Her treasures riders dare unfurl.
    The lure and thrill of life and fate,
    We embrace her sly and fickle trait.

    Some attempt through wiles to charm
    Their pipes play loud to keep from harm.
    One step too far, one slight mistake,
    And a heavy toll from them will take.

    Along her twists and turns we dwell
    For her love, our soul we sell.
    The perfect line, traced across her skin
    Brings ecstasy we feel within.

    Beauty untold, she has no peer
    Her draw, her charm, I will not fear.
    But if from arrogance I drink,
    Then her fangs, into me sink.

    We feel as one, machine and I,
    On the edge and beyond we try,
    To find the point of no return
    To conquer it, our fears we spurn.

    Some do strive upon this place,
    To spend forever in heavens grace.
    Bur for me, to her, my life to take
    Eternity, along The Grey Snake.
  2. you know for a Fireblade rider that aint too bad.... that bloody snake has taken at nip at most of us at one time or another... nice effort mate.
  3. That's quite good mate well done.
  4. +1 to what the others have said.
  5. The carbonation method that I use for putting the bubbles in my chilli draught and lemon/lime pale ale beer works well, but I'd be interested in knowing how you have designed new ways, and how that is achieved please..

    Otherwise you will hereby be outed as a filthy rotten liar

    And Chuck Norris invented the punch, the only way possibly enhance a Chuck Norris punch, is to let him punch you, and then you will know death.

    I think that this statement alone tells me that you are indeed a compulsive liar.

    Other than that all poets are either gay or have homosexual tendencies.
  6. Did I mention that Chuck is actually my love child? I became pregnant through divine intervention. Hardest bit was giving birth, guy came out like the scenes from Alien.

    Oh, and for additional carbonation, I have developed a scheme using a secret combination of herbs and spices. Then I fart in the bottle.
  7. Thanks guys, normally my poetry has tended towards the morbid lately. Then I rediscovered riding... no word of lie, getting back on a bike put my life and mental health back on track. I think people underestimate this aspect of riding.
    It is good to get more positive thoughts to paper.
  8. good show.