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The Green Machine

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by chicflutterby, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Yeah, my Ninja is here....I rode her to work today and I took her out yesterday. I love her!! I am going to ride her to toowoomba on Saturday to see the folks.



  2. Thats nice, is it a 2012 model? awesome colour!
  3. Congrats........... I do like them :)
  4. It is a sin punishable by banishement for a Kawasaki to be any colour other than green :LOL:

    Nice machine :)
  5. Nice, only thing I don't like is the shape of the tank, doesn't look like it'll be able to hold a tankbag on properly.
  6. Very cool.
    Love the shape of the tank.
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    Very nice, 650 or 650L? I have the. '12 650L and love every moment on it :)

  8. Nice, have one of my very own as well, great ride, hope you enjoy it!
  9. conngrats mate. that your zx2r as well?
  10. Congrats on the bike. I was about 2 minutes from putting a deposit down on one myself, but changed my mind for the Duke. Can't go wrong with a Kwaka!
  11. Looks good for a pillion!
  12. Great buy. Personally preferred the single seat of the 2011 mode (which allowed me to slide forwards or back whenever I wanted). I owned the one in burnt orange. Great bike to hone riding skills on. Good torque spread and goes like the clappers when overtaking. Look for the sweet spot around 6-7000 revs. Great in the twisties too.
    Need a new pipe. I had the Arrow slip on which sounded LOUD with the baffle removed.
    Congrats and enjoy the road.
  13. Very nice

    I have the naked version loving every minute on it.

    Now we just need the pic of you!!!

    Sorry could not resist given the cheek of your welcome thread.
  14. Just to keep curiosity at bay, a photo of mum and myself heading out for a show in melbourne in May
  15. So I got the Green Machine on Thursday and its done 650kms already.....it will be time for its first service soon.