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The Green future of Australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Apr 6, 2012.

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  2. Old news mate it has been discussed and besides you are quoting the herald sun.
  3. Did you look at the link? It provides another link to the full transcript of the speech. But since the Herald Sun provided that link, it's not true? Bit small minded I feel.
  4. I'm so over this stuff....
    Yeah I read it when it was released and had my usual laugh at this sort of rubbish.

    Lets get one thing straight, Earth has never been the same from it's creation some 4 billion (from what we know currently but scientists will probably find evidence to change this too one day) years old..
    Everything natural about the earth has made it evolve into what it is now..
    Volcanoes, oceans, plate movements, weather, etc and now a very natural part of the earth HUMANS has all played a part.

    Yes that's right, we're a part of this place, we belong here (no other place I know we could live on) and what ever we do will be no different to one day the plates parting and magma oozing out to cover everthing...
    Honestly, listening to some poeple sometimes it's like they're telling us we shouldn't be here..

    Now one difference is humans have the capability to decided on choices and yes we should all strive to create a positive environment but we've only been here for a minute or two compared to the earths age and mearly a blimp in the history of this planet...

    Humanity and our usage of earth's recourses is a natural part of planet earth so there's nothing wrong with human progess as long as we do our best limit the damage where we can..

    But if we're creating our own destruction (if that's what we're doing) well then it'll be another process of what the evolving earth is doing to itself..

    So, lets do something useful and plan our next rides!

  5. Which part of "this has been discussed before" did you miss?
    I have read it before and the full transcript, it's OLD NEWS and frankly boring as batshit to bring it up yet again.
  6. So why are you still replying in the thread about this old and boring news?
  7. The extraterrestrial thing is a reasonable allegory imo.

    The idea of a world government is terrible. The government is the biggest polluter. Government power should be as diffuse as possible.
  8. To kill it dead and educate you about bringing up old rehashed news.
  9. well played.
  10. Roarin the Netrider "CENSOR" ought to replace the monkeys face picture with one showing the monkeys bare arse, far more appropriate.

    Open forum means just that and bend over Bob Brown is an alien. No wonder he does not like climate change it wiped out all his dumb arse extraterestial mates.

    So he's in disguise, Bob Brown the shape shifting, inter galactic time traveller, let's all pray he finds his way home again, REAL SOON ! Bye bye Bob, I would support a tax which provided him and his looney mates a space craft to get off planet Earth.
  11. Yes. It's a strange world we now live in. There was a time when the unhinged would be treated for their ailments. Now they get to run the country. Driving from the back seat no less.
    And red headed liars would be exposed for what they actually are. Strange days indeed :)